Remind male: I don't want to be "stare" after the age of 50, 5 things to do less.

Remind male: I don't want to be "stare" after the age of 50, 5 things to do less.

For men, the prostate is "vital gland", and the prostate health is accompanied by a lifetime. In different ages, the prostate may face different health risks and need to be vigilant. Especially with age, prostate problems will be more and more, never ignore.

First, the prostate is a man's "vital glands"

The prostate is a unique organ, indirect or directly affects the health of the male reproductive system. The prostatic fluid is the main component of semen, which has an important role in sperm quality, fertility ability.

At the same time, the prostate is also a "hardest hit area" male health. Prostate disease is male common multi-occurred disease, more than half of urinary diseases, including prostatic hyperplasia, prostate calcification, prostate stones, prostate cysts, etc. A 50-year-old male, 70% have varying degrees of prostate disease. At the age of 70, almost all men will have prostate diseases.

However, don't think that prostate disease is exclusive, young people are also very easy to be "stare" in prostate disease.

· Prostatitis "love" young

Data show that chronic prostatitis ranks first in the national urinary door diagnosis, accounting for 8% -25%. "China Urology and Male Disease Diagnosis Treatment Guide" showed that 12.4% of men aged 20-84 years old have chronic prostatitis.

Clinically, chronic prostatitis has mainly manifested the pain or discomfort, urinary abnormal dysfunction, etc.

Chronic prostatitis has occurred, and it is not possible to pay attention. Although it is not invincible, there is no sufficient evidence that it will be directly generated to sexual dysfunction, affecting maternity or development into malignant tumors, but also regular treatment, doing daily health care, Alleviate the symptoms to avoid affecting normal work and life.

· Prostate cancer "comes"

In addition to prostatitis, the incidence of prostate cancer should not be underestimated. Prostate cancer has a "male cancer", which has become the second common cancer of men, and the incidence rate has increased year by year.

Taking my country as an example, in male urinary reproductive system tumors, the incidence of prostate cancer has been ranked first. In addition, in male malignant tumors, the mortality of prostate cancer is ranking sixth. Every year, 50,000 people die in prostate cancer. With the acceleration of population aging, the morbidity and mortality rate of prostate cancer will continue to be a step, seriously threatening male physical health and life safety.

Since the early symptoms of prostate cancer are not obvious, some patients have a diagnosis in the middle and late, missed the best treatment time. Therefore, for the high-risk population of prostate cancer, it is necessary to pay attention to the early screening of prostate cancer, and the abnormalities are found in time to take interventions. It is recommended to have an age of 50 years old, there is a history of prostate disease or a history of tumor, long-term smoking and alcohol, eating habits, and other men, regular serum prostate-specific antigen examination.

Second, remind: 5 things are very hurting the prostate

In daily life, there are many common behaviors to hurt the prostate, pay attention to avoid, protect the prostate health. for example:

1, take a long time

Sedentary, the blood at the bottom of the pelvic cavity will not be smooth, resulting in congestion of the bottom of the pelvic cavity, which is easy to trigger prostatitis. At the same time, the number of urination will also be reduced, and the bad habits of urination are cultivated, and the urine reflow is also possible to trigger inflammation.

2, smoking

Nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, etc. contained in cigarettes, will cause direct damage to the prostate, reduce the body's immunity, let the disease microorganisms are essential, and trigger a series of prostate diseases.

3, drinking

Alcohol can expand blood vessels, leading to prostatic blood, reducing the body's immunity, making bacterial or pathogens to reproduce a lot of acute bacterial prostatitis.

4, love urine

Frequent urination, the bladder will overfill, increase the pressure of the prostate, lead to the risk of urine, increase the risk of prostatitis, and also damage the kidneys and ureterals, which can cause renal failure, urinary retention, urinary retention, etc.

5, unclean sex

Frequent life, the prostate is in a state of congestion, and it is also easy to induce prostatitis. There are also people's sexual desires, but they can't vent. The prostate fluid will get more, and the inflammation can also be caused. In addition, in vitro ejaculation or sexual interruption, etc., will also cause prostate blood-blood, swelling, etc., resulting in prostatitis.

Third, a table self-test condition

So, how do you know if your prostate is healthy? The prostate condition can be self-tested by the International Prostate Symptoms (IPSS). Answer the following questions, within the last 1 month:

1 Do you often have a non-diaper?

2 Does the urination time are often less than 2 hours?

3 Do you often have inter-breaking urination?

4 Will it often do you often urinate?

5 Does the urine chase?

6 Do you need to urinate?

7 How many times from the urination from sleeping to get up?

The answer is divided into: no (0 points), less than one (1 point), less than half (2 points), about half (3 points), more than half (4 points), almost always (5 points).

If the total score is 0-7, it shows that the prostate health is light; if the total score is 8-19 points, the prostate health is moderate; if the total score is 20-35 points, the prostate health is severe.

If you find your prostate health is not ideal, you must pay attention to usual maintenance, such as quit smoking and drinking, eat less spicy food, drink plenty of water, don't urinate, avoid long-standing, often doing an anal exercise, often doing an anal exercise. If there is more obvious symptoms, it has been given a timely medical examination. The project includes urine routine, prostate fluid routine or bacterial culture urinary colored super, rectal diagnosis, etc., can help us keep the prostate health status, and find abnormalities in time. In addition, the screening of prostate cancer in high-risk groups is also important. Men over 50 years old needs to be vigilant, and male, serum PSA (prostate specific antigen) screening should be advanced to 45 years old.

Summary: The prostate is a man's "vital glands". Pay special attention after 50 years of age, early quit bad habits, develop healthy lifestyle, regular screening, to reduce the risk of prostate disease, protect the prostate health.


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