The relationship between weight and life is discovered!After 60 years old, such a weight is just right, do you have a standard?

The relationship between weight and life is discovered!After 60 years old, such a weight is just right, do you have a standard?

As we all know, people who have been gotten by various diseases are very large, so many people have a little longer longer, although this is a little one, but scientists have found that weight and life are indeed associated.

I. Scientists find the relationship between weight and life

Some scientists in Europe have found that there is a certain association between body weight and life, and summarizes the U-shaped death curve model.

Analysis from the U-shaped death curve model, the person within 60 years of age, the standard weight (BMI value is greater than 18.5 less than 24.9) mortality, and people over 60 years old (BMI value greater than 25 less than 29.9) The mortality is the lowest.

What is more than 60 years old?

Experts analyzed that the old people over 60 years old, their own nutrients are better, and some people who are slightly overweight are relatively resistant to the invasion of the disease, and the chances of longevity are more.

Second, how big is the end of obesity?

Whether it is the population of the age, weighing the control is necessary, especially those who have exceeded the standard, but also to be the hazard brought by obesity.

Turning diabetes

Long-term weight obesity people have a higher chance, and the fat in the human body is too high, which will affect the secretion of insulin, but blood sugar is not necessarily normal, and it is easy to cause diabetes.

2. Calling angiogenesis

The human body is more than the chance of vascular disease, because obese human fat, causing the blood vessel wall to be thicker, affecting blood flow, and can easily thrombus vascular disease.

3. Increase the chance of cancer

The human weight of human weight is also higher than that of the normal weight, so in order to avoid being targeted by cancer, we must try to control the weight within the ideal range.

4. Start fatty liver

People who have exceeded the standard, the triglycerin metabolism in the body is immersed, which is easy to cause excessive glycerol triglycerides in the liver, and even initiate fatty liver.

Third, how is the most healthier weight, longevity?

The weight is too fat or the weight is too light is not a healthy body. So how is the most healthy and longevity?

Generally, the body mass index BMI is used to determine whether obesity is obese. The method of calculating the BMI is to use the body weight by the height of the height. The weight refers to the kilogram, and the height is rice.

According to the standards of the World Health Organization: The BMI value is less than 18.5, the BMI value is standard body weight between 18.5 and 24.9, the BMI value is between 25-29.9, and the BMI value is greater than 29.9 is obese.

After understanding BMI, you can understand which standard of your weight belongs, but in fact relied on BMI to predict the risk of disease, it is not suitable. Generally, the professional doctors will combine genetic factors, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and other indicators to predict some foundation. disease.

Is there any association between weight and life? Scientists have found that people who have slightly overweight after sixty years old, generally can determine obesity through the physical quality index BMI, usually in addition to controlling weight, and control other indicators, regularly do medical examination .


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