The scientific team launched online life calculator, accurate rate up to 98%, may wish to calculate one

The scientific team launched online life calculator, accurate rate up to 98%, may wish to calculate one

If there is a calculator, let you calculate your "life length", will you try?

In the past, we "calculate" its own life is estimated by some "indicators".

But now, some scientists have developed a "dying life calculator". It is said that the accuracy can be as high as 98%, what should I do?

First, based on big data forecast, can people use?

Recently, the Canadian Health Calculation Research Group Project Big Life officially issued a life calculator for some elderly, which can highly accurately predict the probability of death within 6 months.

This life calculator is named "respect", which is based on home nursing data development and verification of Ontario.

The researchers used more than 1.3 million family nursing assessment data in 2007-2013, and finally combined with 400 measurements in the assessment data, as well as multi-dimensional clinical assessment factors such as physical functions, cognitive disorders, biological diseases. Accuracy index system.

This predicted life is currently suitable for middle-aged and elderly people over 50 years old, but does not apply to those who have long-term hospitalization and nursing nursing care.

The whole test is very simple, you can be your or family, or a medical staff.

The system sets 17 issues related to health history and daily life capabilities, checking the subject's options, and the system will predict life results according to the answer. The problem is divided into three parts:

First, the basic situation of the elderly, including age gender and past history;

The second is the self-care situation of the old man;

Third, the disease treatment of the elderly, including whether it is accepted by chemical treatment.

It will also focus on how to ask decision-making capacity, such as whether weight is reduced, loss of appetite and weak action.

After all the questions are answered, the system will give a final prediction result, showing the predictive life of big data, 1 year, 3 or 5 years of death risk, etc.

Death, everyone is unwilling to face the facts. When relatives and relatives are seriously ill, maybe everyone will try to extend the patient's life, but ignore the pain in the process of patients, missed the beautiful time with the patient's final ownership.

The research team said that through this calculator, you can make everyone can see death and help more families have a good plan in advance, try to reduce a little regret.

Second, the study found: human life or 150 years old

How long can human beings live?

According to the data published by Guinness, the world's longest life, and still in the world named Tian Zhongli, she was born in 1903, age has reached 118 years old. But not everyone can achieve, and life is over. According to estimates, the world's current expected life is 73.3 years.

So is there a limit of life? According to the latest research, human life or more than 120 years old, reaching 150 years old.

And this speculation is based on two points:

Population life distribution: The current longevity record holder is a French woman named Jenny, who is 122 years and 164 days;

Theoretical estimate: combined with the upper limit of cell split, or other species life deduction.

Compared with human limit life, the global average life is 73.3 years old, which means that most people have far less than this value. This happens, mainly subject to three aspects:

Life normal distribution

The life of life is originally special;

Internal factors

Life and genetic factors, internal stability, etc .;

envirnmental factor

Living environment, eating habits, mental state, etc. will affect life.

In other words, it is determined by a variety of factors that can achieve average life expectancy is relatively fortunate, and can live to the upper life life, and it is a lucky luck in luck.

Third, subversion research: old people eat more meat or longevity

Speaking of health problems, many people are tangled in eating meat or vegetarian. A joint survey study across 11 countries has found that more people who eat meat and eggs are lower than that of the elderly, and there is a lower risk of cancer.

Research and analysis found that more proteins were contained in meat and eggs, while protein absorption can help avoid bone crisp, muscle lessons. In addition, eating meat can help increase antioxidant concentration, thereby reducing brain cell damage, avoiding memory decline.

Of course, the meat here is not unlimited. According to the Dietary Guide, meat intake should be limited to about 50g, and the cooking method should also be noted.

1, eat less red meat, often eat white meat

The saturated fatty acid content in the red meat is high. Relatively speaking, the white meat fat content is small, the protein is richer, and it is more suitable for elderly.

2, don't eat processing meat

The amount of bacon, salted fish, ham and other processing meat is too high, which is unfavorable to cardiovascular; the nitrite produced by it will indirectly increase the risk of cancer.

3, try to bake as little fried

High protein foods are more than 200 ° C, which produces heterocyclic amine carcinogens; starch, sugar and protein, foods which produce more acrylamide between 120-180 ° C, which belong to carcinogens.

However, in Xiaoxin, the longevity is almost a hundred years old, but it is not too entangled. Life is sometimes healthy.


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