The 28-year-old boy discovered that it was uremia, listened to the persuasion: 4 habits don't touch, kidney will thank you

The 28-year-old boy discovered that it was uremia, listened to the persuasion: 4 habits don't touch, kidney will thank you

Xiao Chang, who is 28 years old this year, is engaged in sales work since he graduated from University. After a few years of hard work, he bought a car in Shanghai, and and girlfriends who were in love with six years have been married. Everything is in good The direction has been developed, but uremia was diagnosed.

It is often often often talking about business with others on the dining table. Every time I have a drunk, I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure in the first two years, but I didn't think of myself. The vague passes quickly arrived at the hospital, and one was turned out to be blurred by vicious hypertension. At the same time, uremia was confirmed, and only the first dialysis maintained life while waiting for a suitable kidney source.

First, whether the kidney is healthy, look at an indicator

The kidney of the human body is an important metabolic organ that will give the body to the body through urine, so pay attention to the health of the kidney.

The kidney will filter out some metabolic waste in the body through the glomerulous ball, and the urine is formed to discharge the metabolic waste while ensuring the normal operation of the human body. The health of the kidney generally should look at the kidney filtering function, and blood creatinine is an important indicator for monitoring the health of kidney.

Blood creatinine actually refers to the creatinine in the blood. It is a metabolic waste. If there is no problem with the kidney filtering function, then the male blood creatinine should be around 80 umol / l, and the female blood creatinine should be around 60umol / L, this is Because most of the creatinine is metabolized, there is little in the blood. If the kidney filter is abnormal, the phenomenon of height of hemovate can be increased.

Second, 4 behaviors are very hurt

Many nephrotic patients have no obvious symptoms, so that when the body has an abnormal reaction, then check again, a diagnosis is kidney failure, uremia, want to avoid being stared at kidney disease, must stay away from some hurting the kidney behavior .

Drug abuse

There are many drugs on the market, there is nephoxic, like ibuprofen, aspirin and other drugs, we must take it under the guidance of a doctor, you can't take it, often take the patients such as aspirin, but also need to do a good hard creatinine. Monitoring, at any time, there is no kidney injury.

2. Excessive fatigue

Whether it is physical labor or mental labor, once it is overhaul, it will cause a certain damage to the kidneys, so the work intensity must be grasped, avoiding the long-term operation of overwork.

3. Frequently staying up late

Frequently staying up late, there will be a full rest of the kidney, the liver and more, and even cause damage to organs such as kidney, so try not to stay up late to stay up late, and ensure adequate sleep, is also the simplest health.

4. Blind believes in remedies, health products

On the issue of disease and health, we must believe in science. Don't blindly believe in some remedies or health products. Many health products or remedies are exaggerated. Eat more may cause damage to organs such as kidneys.

Third, before the arrival of uremia, the body will issue a "rescue signal"

If the kidney is damaged, if kidney failure can occur, uremia is the most serious kidney disease, not only the illness is irreversible, but it may also seriously affect the survival of the patient. In fact, uremia is in the forehead. Send some distress signals.

1. The amount of urine and the number of defecies are abnormal

Although the number of urination and the number of urination is related to drinking, the average person should maintain normal metabolism, need to urinate 1000-2000ml daily, the number of defecies is usually about five times during the day, there is normal, if there is a significant urination If less or less urination is small, be alert to the kidneys.

2. No appetite, nausea

After the kidney function is damaged or even failure, it will be involved in the digestive system, and there are some symptoms of appetite, nausea, vomiting, etc.

3. The body has edema

After the kidney is filtered, it will cause water in the body that cannot be discharged in time, thereby manifesting the edema of the body, like a symptom like an eye, ankle, calf, and other symptoms may be a signal from uremia.

Whether a person's kidney is healthy, it can be understood by monitoring blood creatinine. Once the urination is abnormal, there is no appetite, nausea, and the body has some symptoms, etc., be careful to be a signal that has an abnormal kidney. It is always necessary to stay away from some hurting the kidney. Behavior, regular medical examination.


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