What does the man become a long eyebrows after 50 years old?The doctor said reason, there is a number in my heart.

What does the man become a long eyebrows after 50 years old?The doctor said reason, there is a number in my heart.

Many old people like to link eyebrows with long and life, "the eyebrows are long, more than 10,000 food". They believe that the long eyebrows mean longevity, but "long-life eyebrows" said that it relies on not reliable?

First, the eyebrows and life are really related?

Is the eyebrows really about a person's life? Peng Yutei, director of the Orientation Center of Oriental Hospital, Oriental Hospital, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said: "The eyebrow can indirectly reflect the life of the old man."

Peng Yuqing Director explained: The eyebrows are actually one of the features of the health of people. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that eyebrows are the human body "kidney". Generally, the eyebrows are densely representative of kidney; the opposite, if the eyebrows and hair are sparse, fall off, it means insufficient kidney. So, if an elderly eyebrow is long, then he is more fertilized with the elderly who fall off, and is more fertilized.

In addition, Peng Yuqing's director pointed out that young people had no shortcomings and life expectations, mainly related to genetics, nutrition, and hormones.

Second, eyebrows grow long, what mean?

Many young men's eyebrows are relatively short, but the eyebrows of the elderly will be relatively long, because young people's metabolism is strong, eyebrow growth cycle is short, usually 3 ~ 4 months will "change new" once. The eyebrows are in the continuous updated stage, so they cannot grow too long, usually around 0.4 to 1 cm per length. And the metabolism of middle-aged and elderly people after 50 years old, the eyebrows will gradually stop "updating", and ultimately make eyebrows constantly grow.

Director Peng Yuqing said that if the elderly have a few eyebrows are particularly long, it is often because the growth period of individual hair follicles is relatively long. The metabolism of the elderly will become slow, and the number of outsight is rare, the longer the growth period, the longer the eyebrows. At the same time, Professor Wang Hongwei, Capital Medical University, said that one of the characteristics of human aging is that the eyebrow will grow long. Under normal circumstances, eyebrows grow long and the functional reduction of body mechanism.

The foregoing mentioned that the young men's eyebrows are often relating to factors such as genetics, nutrition, and hormones. The director of this Peng Yuqing said that if young people have long, it may prompt the body to have problems, such as body regulation mechanism obstacles, at this time Pay attention to adjust your diet and work habits.

Third, eyebrow change may be a disease signal

The eyebrows of healthy people should be shiny and uniform, and the eyebrows are long and unless, and there is no defect. If the eyebrows fall off, whitening, dry and tunda, may be a signal of the disease, for example:

· There is a local falling outside the eyebrows, which may be thyroid, or have brain pituitary front leaf functional retardation;

· The roots of the eyebrow becomes white, may have a certain relationship with vitiligo;

· The eyebrows become dry and easy to break, meaning that the lungs are insufficient, may also accompany symptoms such as cough, cough, hemodynamics;

Fourth, how to care eyebrows

The eyebrows above our eyes, its role is to block sweat, rain, etc., prevent liquid from entering the eye, or protecting the eye is not damaged by dust, foreign matter. In addition, eyebrows also have a good ideas.

Since the eyebrows are so important, how should we care for eyebrows in life?

1, can not extract eyebrows

Many people who love the beauty feel that the shape of the eyebrows is not good, they will directly use the eyebrows to remove the eyebrows, but this move will hurt the skin!

First of all, unplugging the eyebrows will make your eyes to protect the barrier, more susceptible to foreign matter damage; secondly, the neurotrans vessels around the eyebrow are relatively rich, and the eyebrows will stimulate the nearby neurotropic vessels, causing pain and bleeding, infection, etc. Even the inclusion of folliculitis, or vision, upper paste, etc. So don't take the eyebrows in life!

2, regular cleaning

The roots of the eyebrows have sebaceous glands, and will secrete oil from time to time. If they do not have timely clean eyebrows, it is easy to block the pores near the nearby pores, which may induce acne (folliculitis), which is not conducive to the normal growth of eyebrows and skin health.

The eyebrow can not only affect theesthetics, but also have a good protective role in the eyes, but also to respond some health problems. If you feel that your eyebrow is too strong, it has influences beautiful, in fact, you can modify it, but remember not to abunderstort eyebrows.


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