Why is most male life than women?180,000 students finally gave an answer

Why is most male life than women?180,000 students finally gave an answer

"How long have you been living in a lifetime?"

Almost everyone wants to live, the better, the longer the longevity. The ancient emperors seek long life, today has technological development, and humans continue to explore the secret of longevity. About longevity, perhaps you can get some inspiration from the story of two hundred people.

01.101 Year longevity, love to eat brown sugar, hardly catch a cold

In the Shandong Rizhao City, there is a hundred years old, named Hui Youth. The son said that she said that her mother invited the Chinese medicine in addition to the Chinese medicine in addition to four or five years old, and he didn't have a disease.

I am afraid that it is a hundred years old. I usually have a bit of brain and hot. This kind of small disease is not, the body is very good.

The old man is simple and simple, and it is difficult to know. When you are young, you will give dedication in the group, it is a hot heart. Old, I don't want to trouble the child. Occasionally, please pick up the firewood, to give your son to work.

The old man said, "There are clothes, living, children safe, health, is a happy day".

Talking about the elderly eating habits, son explaining that the old man is hungry, eat, drink water, three meals a day, time is not fixed.

Get up in the morning, first drink a cup of warm water, in the yard, will be stepped in the yard before starting to prepare breakfast. Breakfast is a melon, or a small rice porridge, add a steamed bun; gap, pancakes and a bowl of vegetables; night is also a hoe and pancakes, but also love to prepare a pepper.

In addition, the old man loves to eat sugar, sugar, brown sugar, rock sugar, sugar ... a day three, you are inseparable from sugar, where the favorite is a brown sugar.

One pound of red sugar, I can't eat it for ten days. But the old blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipid test is normal, and the son also likes to eat sugar very much. The son believes that this may be related to the body gene.

In the entire family of the old man, there are a lot of people in longevity. Second, 95 years old, four sorrows 76, five 姨 74 years old ... all are healthy, father is also lived to 91 years old.

My son said that the elderly longevity is the genetic gene. On the one hand, there is a good quality, good quality, and good attitude.

02.102 years old, 4 hobbies in peace

Also in Rizhao, Shandong Province, there is a 102-year-old grandmother, and the five generations. The little son said that the mother will be three meals a day, the appetite is very good, you can eat more than young people. He believes that mother's appetite is one of the reasons for longevity.

Although the elderly don't taboo, but prefer sugar, it is inseparable from the extent that every day. The old man's breakfast is also very special, a bowl of boiling water rolled eggs, put two spoons of white sugar, and then bubble the three or four peach crisps, it took three or forty years.

In addition to sugar, it is difficult to imagine, drink tea, drink, smoke is the other three hobby. Sunshine green tea, ordinary old dry smoke, ordinary liquor and sugar accompanied by the elderly for a lifetime.

According to my son, the old man is tolerant and good, do not love, do not pay attention to money. Previous grandmother hide the rice when the grandmother was hide, but it was given to other daughter-in-law.

When the grandmother is older, or the mother is taking care of the servo, and the old age will be sent. This attitude has also affected the child's children, and the children of children are also very filial.

First, why women have longer than men?

According to the statistics of the Old Age Office in Rizhao, as of the end of September 2021, there were 327 people in the people. From the residential area of ​​a hundred-year-old people, a hundred-year-old people living in the countryside are more than a hundred-year-old people living in the city.

In addition, in a hundred-year-old people, men accounted for 26%, women accounted for 74%, and the proportion of men and women was approximately 3: 7.

Poster Journalists observe, positive emotions help health longevity. Most of the hundred-year-old people's hearts are relatively wide, the mentality of Buddhism, and there is no such thing as the world. The gender difference between the 100-year-old man is so big, and it is closely related to the active emotion.

In general, men bear greater pressure in their families, encounter unpleasant things in life, and don't happen to others, like to be in my heart. There are more ways to vent their emotions, more beneficial to physical and mental health and prolong life.

In addition, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, from 2000 to 2015, my country's population average expectancy continues to rise, and the average life expectancy of men and women also presents an increase in the rise.

However, the average life of men and women has become increasingly larger, from 2000 3.7 years old to 5.79 years old in 2015. In 2020, women in my country have expected life of 80 years old.

So why is women longer than men?

A British published in the "Canadian Medical Association Magazine (CMAJ)" analyzed 180,000 people in 28 countries, and found that men's death risk is 60% higher than women, one is male smoking. More, cardiac morbidity is higher.

Researchers pointed out that smoking and cardiovascular disease can lead to gender differences in 22% mortality. Among them, smoking is one of the main factors that cause gender differences in mortality.

In addition, causing factors in men and women's life differences, including:

1, gene

From a gene, women's physiological structure is natural than men with longevity. Some researchers have found that there is a gene on the X chromosome to participate in repair DNA, while women have 2 X chromosomes, equivalent to having double protection.

2, estrogen

Estrogen has the effect of regulating blood lipid metabolism. It is clinically, the risk of hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular diseases occur is lower than men.

3, menstruation

The amount of bleeding in women can reach 80ml. Over time, women have adapted to a short period of bleeding. The degree of tolerance corresponding to the stress is more than male, and the longevity is greater. 4, the next day factor

Mainly the difference in lifestyle, women pay more attention to appearance, and the energy and time spent in maintenance are more. Men are relatively rough, and most of smoking, drinking, staying up late, will have a certain impact on life.

Second, you have to live longer, male can learn women

Therefore, longevity, men can learn more to women:

·living habit

Develop good habits, do not smoke, don't drink, don't stay up late, don't overeating, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, insist on sports.

· Release emotions

I learned reasonable venting emotions. I don't want myself, I can't complain about others, release my mood.

· Regular medical examination

Don't always be big, think that you are strong, don't need medical examination, develop a habit of regular medical examination, helping to master your health, and find abnormalities in time.

The same is the same, to be healthy and longevity, men also need to release stress and emotions, after all, regular living habits, good mentality, have a subtle influence on a person's health.


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