The relationship between walking and life is discovered!Adhere to walking exercise, these 5 physical benefits come to you

The relationship between walking and life is discovered!Adhere to walking exercise, these 5 physical benefits come to you

Old Zhang is 65 years old, usually pays attention to physical exercise. After 6 o'clock in the morning, he took 10 minutes to wash, and then spent half an hour to eat breakfast.

Choosing walking exercise is because old Zhang knows the benefits of walking.

Recently, there is a problem that he has troubled him. He listened to a friend. If the walk is too slow, people thinking will slow, and the aging is faster. But he thinks that the old man is too easy to hurt the knees and slow down.

Old Zhang did not mind. For the elderly, is it a little better? Is it a bit better?

First, walk fast and slow, which health?

Walking is a healthy sport, but the study found that people who walk slowly than those who are slow, there are average 15-20 years, this is what?

The United States "Journal of Meio Clinics" issued an observational study, and the 47,4919 average age 58.2 years of monitoring and research were performed for 7 years. Participants regularly submit data such as walking speed, researchers estimate their life.

Studies have found that people who have a longer expected life no matter whether they are fat, and women are 86.7 to 87.8 years old, and men are 85.2 to 86.8 years old. On the contrary, people with slow walk are shortressed, and they live less than 15 to 20 years more than walking.

Why will people walk fast?

First, the intensity of quick walk is higher than slow walk, which belongs to the medium-intensity exercise, and meets the basic requirements of effective exercise, not only helps to lose weight, but also improve the cardiopulmonary function, promote blood circulation, improve "three highs".

Second, walking requires the overall cooperation of bones, muscles, nerves, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, fast walking speed, to some extent, reflect the vitality and health of the body. Good physical fitness, longer life expectancy.

So, how fast is it? It can be tested by the following two methods.

Method 1, the number of walks per minute

The study of "British Sports Medicine Journal" pointed out that the heart rate should reach the maximum value of more than 60%, or the number of steps per minute reaches 100 steps, even if it is "fast".

Method 2, dialogue test

When walking, if you can sing loudly, the step speed is too slow, the strength is not enough; if the breathing is slightly difficult, but can still talk comfortably, represent steps, reach the fast intensity; if you pant, you can't talk easy to talk, explain the step speed Too fast.

Second, long-term adherence to walking exercise, what can the body gain?

A study of the famous medical magazine "Jama" pointed out that for normal people, there is a day of 8,000 steps per day, and it is best to the body. What are the benefits of persisting in walking exercise?

1, extend the life

A study on the "Different Sports Quantity for Life Extension" found in the United States Harvard University found that if you can walk more than 450 minutes per week, the life can be extended for 4.5 years.

2, stabilize blood sugar

Quickly walk is a good aerobic exercise. For diabetic patients, persistence quickly walk exercise, with drug treatment and diet control, help to stabilize blood sugar, improve the condition.

3, reduce blood pressure

He Zhao, a master of the Department of Cardiology, Guangzhou Medical College, said that long-term persistence of walking exercise can assist the body to reduce shrinkage pressure and diastolic pressure. The "Hypertension Diagnosis and Treatment Guide" of each country is recommended to exercise as an effective auxiliary method for controlling blood pressure.

4, away from fatty liver

The study found that the blood circulation of people who often walk is better, and the blood can be gathered at the end of the liver, and enhance the metabolic function of the liver. In addition, the sports itself can consume heat, reducing weight, and reducing the risk of fatty liver.

5, delay joint aging

A study of rheumatology authoritative magazine "arthritis and rheumatism" pointed out that less damage to joint damage is smaller than running, can relieve joint functional recessions, and can also strengthen the leg muscles to help maintain the function of the lower limbs.

Third, the daytime is 8000 steps, how do you not hurt your knees?

Many people think that take 8000 steps too much every day. But for most people, the wrong walking method is the hurt the knee "Yuan". Dayak 8000 steps don't want to hurt knee, and Liu Qiang, attending physician, Beijing University People's Hospital, shared 5 secrets.

· Do not "outside eight" when walking, should keep both side faces facing forward, the distance between the feet is the same as the width of the pelvic;

· When the front is landed, the heel should be lightly, transition to the foot and foot tip, and "bright out the soles";

· When the foot follows the ground, it should be strong;

· To take the steps, the arms are opened;

· To wear suitable shoes, such as jogging shoes, street shoes, etc., so that the pressure is buffered, protect the knee joint. If the shoes are followed by wear, the sole elasticity is significantly lower, etc. should be replaced in time;

In addition, the time and place of walking are also important.

Clinical statistics found that the incidence of cardiovascular disease (angina, myocardial infarction, etc.) was high, and the incidence of unexpected injury such as light is too poor, falling, and the incidence of unexpected injury. Therefore, it is recommended to work in the distance between 4 and 5 pm, and the temperature and physical condition are appropriate.

The location of the walk is best to be a grass or plastic runway, avoiding walking in cement and slopes, reducing the damage to the knee.

After reading the article, do you learn correctly?Sports are good for health, but to pay attention to methods, if you haven't started walking exercise, then try it, integrate exercise into life, constant, healthy and longevity.Reference:

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