7 kinds of behaviors can accelerate men aging: smoking only Row 3, many people in the first place can't avoid

7 kinds of behaviors can accelerate men aging: smoking only Row 3, many people in the first place can't avoid

A lot of age, do you have to find that you have a job, you will be tired, but you can't think of it, you can't afford it. If you have five different five, you will get a big land, your heart is not moving. In fact, these are the markers of aging.

In 2019, a study published in "Nature · Medical" magazine pointed out that aging is not even uniform, but a process of increasing to a qualitative change. The aging came to God, and you will find that you will suddenly find yourself in a certain day or at a certain moment!

First, when is the human body began to aging?

The study found that there were 3 aging turning points in a lifetime of people, 34 years old, 60, and 78 years old. In other words, after the age of 34, aging began to accelerate, the physical function has declined, and various diseases come.

One is a study of cancer, "China Cancer Research" in English magazine, pointed out that in a population under 30 years old, the incidence of cancer is relatively low. After the age of 30, the incidence of cancer has begun to rise, and the 40-year-old state is a state of rapid rise. From 80-84 years, the peak of cancer incidence will occur.

Second, cardiovascular disease, according to investigation, China has 62% of people over 40 years old, or has a cardiovascular disease, or risk factors in the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. The doctor said that the heart began to aging after 40 years old, but most people have no heart health awareness.

There are also doctors alert that women over 45 years old and women should pay special attention to preventive heart disease.

Second, 7 kinds of behaviors can accelerate male aging, don't neglect again

Modern society, women seem to pay more attention to maintenance, so many women seem to be young than the actual age. However, men are generally uncomfortable to aging, so it has developed a lot of bad habits.

As everyone knows, the aging is not only reflected in appearance, but also has a deep impact on physical health. In daily life, these 7 kinds of behaviors can accelerate male aging, must pay attention to avoid:

NO.7 long-term breakfast

Some male life rhythm is relatively fast. After getting up in the morning, I have to start a busy day. I have no time to eat breakfast at all. Time will develop a habit of doing breakfast. In fact, long-term breakfast is long, the harm of the body is very big.

Breakfast can provide certain nutrients and energy, making it energetic over the morning. Do not eat breakfast, not only affect the body of the brain, the normal function of the gastrointestinal, will also lead to increased the intake of lunch, causing obesity.

NO.6 does not pay attention to sunscreen

The sun can make calcium, but the excessive sun does not work, you must pay attention to sunscreen. Sunside is not a manifestation of a smell, but a protection against the body, can delay aging.

UV radios in the sun will continue to evaporate the skin, resulting in water shortage, dry, peeling, and destroy the skin's elasticity, resulting in age.

No.5 Sitting for a long time

Long-term sedentary, lower extremity blood circulation is not smooth, not only for lumbar vertebrae, shoulder neck health, easy to cause shoulder, cervical vertebra abdominal obesity, will also damage the stomach, heart, brain and other organs, trigger a series of diseases And even increase the risk of death.

Studies have found that people sitting 11 hours a day, more than 27%, 20%, and 12% of the risk of death, cancer and death, increased by 27%, 20% and 12%, respectively.

No.4 likes to eat sweets

Sweets such as drinks, cakes, cookies, although people can be happy, but there is too much sugar, often do not have benefits to the body. Excessive intake of sugar, glycosylation will make the skin bleak, wrinkles, the dark circles are heavy, etc., it looks old.

In addition, eat too much sweet food, causing excess fat, leading to obesity. It should be noted that obesity is related to more than a dozen cancers.

NO.3 smoking drink

Smoking and drinking is already a bad life that is often talking about. Nicotine, tar has harmful substances in cigarettes, will accelerate skin aging, increase face wrinkles, and make people aging.

This is also the case, not only increase the burden of the liver, but also damage the stomach, heart, brain. Moreover, alcohol will expand blood vessels, accelerate the loss of collagen, so that the skin is lost.

NO.2 long staying up late

It is even more aging accelerator, under normal circumstances, adult sleep time should be guaranteed to be around 7-8 hours. Plenty of sleep can not only make people energetic, but also keep you young.

Long-term staying up late, it will lead to biological clock disorders, endocrine disorders, decline in immunity, not only skin dry, dark face, but also more likely to be stared at the disease, even the risk of sudden death.

NO.1 pressure is too large

Studies have found that in a highly integrated mental state, free radicals will be released, accelerating aging.

People with high stress are easy to think too much, is anxious, depressed, etc., which will cause loss of appetite, insomnia, frequent hair loss, etc.

Third, prevent premature decades, what can we do?

Who doesn't want youth forever, extended? With the improvement of living standards, more and more people pay attention to anti-loss, but it is easy to use the wrong way, such as using skin care products, often eat supplements and health products, do medical beauty, etc. In fact, we must prevent premature decades, the method is simple:

1, insist on sports

Life is moving, sports make people young. In 2020, a study published in the "Magazine of American Heart Diseases" pointed out that persistence of 6 months, you can make the blood vessels 4 years old. Prevent premature decades, must adhere to the moderate exercise. It is recommended to carry out 30-60 minutes a day, at least 3-4 days of medium intensity aerobics, such as walking, jogging, swimming, playing Tai Chi, jumping square dance, etc.

2, supplement the body nation

Studies have found that aging occurs in relation to NMN (β-nicotinoid mononucleotide) levels continue to decline. In daily diet, we can eat more foods containing NMN to reach the purpose of delay aging.

Common foods containing NMNs with crucible, cauliflower, cabbage, etc. In addition, non-artone, 2-hoba, shrimp, anthocyanocysts, can also have a certain effect of delaying aging, and can be appropriately supplemented.

Aging is the law of life, we can't reverse, but you can keep your body in a good condition by developing healthy living habits, keeping your body in a good condition, reducing the risk of disease.


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