What do men eat well?Vitamins, essential fruit

What do men eat well?Vitamins, essential fruit

Because of work, life has to stay up late, day and night reversed work, will lead to hormone secretion of adrenocortic hormones in vivo, damage to the health of the human body. This damage is wide, involving brains, chest, abdomen, waist, muscle, skin, etc., and organs, long-term staying night, degradation, loss of memory, decreased vision. For the day of stay, in addition to exercising more, pay attention to nutrition supplements, can make the body not beaten.

What do you eat at night? 1, increase sufficient nutrition

"Night Series" must take adequate thermal energy, stick to lunch, dinner and night meals. Don't get angry with your belly after get off work, don't give up for lunch because of your sleep. Due to nighttime work consumes physical strength than the daytime work, you must keep your energy need to add more nutritious, easy to digest, and moisture.

To increase the protein intake, eat more lean meat, fresh fish, eggs, milk, soy products, supplement the necessary various amino acids necessary for the human body; the daily oxygen demand and oxygen consumption in the brain will increase significantly, plus Thinking or moving at night, most of the air is not too circulating, thereby placing the brain in the hypoxic dilemma. The brain is just the first oxygen major household in the human body, once the oxygen supply has a "deficit", it will inevitably cause brain dysfunction. Therefore, it can eat more varieties containing more lecithin, glutamic acid, such as eggs, oats, etc. The egg yolk in the egg is a "rich mine" of lecithin, and Yan Mai is rich in vitamin in group B, and the power of the two is a good resumption of brain cells and promotes its rapid recovery.

What do you eat at night? 2, guarantee sufficient vitamins

Such as vitamin A, vitamin B, etc. The former can adjust the retinal photosensitive substance - the synthesis of the purple, improve your adaptation to dim light; the latter is one of the nutrient sources of visual nerves, and has the ability to prevent visual fatigue. Carrots, leeks, squids, etc. rich in vitamin A, lean meat, sesame, soy, fresh milk, wheat germ, etc., have a large number of vitamin B, and the recipes of the day and night are absolutely indispensable. In addition to the intake of diet, there can be a variety of vitamin pills (film) and other health products.

What do you eat at night? 3, stay up all night, eat more fruits

Yang Tao contains a variety of ingredients for human health, such as sugar, vitamin A, vitamin C, and various fibrous, acid. The rich acidic acid in Yang Tao can inhibit melanin precipitation, and have moisturizing effects, significant effects on improving dry or oily skin tissue. For those who stay up late, it is a good fruit for the skin.

The orange contains unique cellulose and pectin materials. For friends who stay up late, many of the rest is not easy enough, and the orange is conducive to the intestine, exclude hazardous substances.

Grape nutrition is very high, rich in antioxidant ingredients, can delay aging, people who are very suitable for people staying up late.

In addition, refreshing food is the standard of staying for night, but it is still as little as possible, because the substance of caffeine is refreshing, but will consume vitamin B group related to nerves and muscle coordination, lack of vitamin B groups are easier Tired, thus forming a vicious circle, developing tea, drinking coffee habits, need more, but more, the effect is getting worse. Therefore, the night-life should rationally treat food, choose the right food to escort health.

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