Chinese men and European men, who understands "aphrodisiac"?These methods are not reliable, don't be deceived

Chinese men and European men, who understands "aphrodisiac"?These methods are not reliable, don't be deceived

The private part of the private part is tantamount to playing fire on the tip of the knife

But there are still many men

Even if you are in danger of life, you want to "renew your life for your brother"

Uncle Jiu often wants to

Maybe only to discuss how "the golden gun will not fall"

Only men in the world can sit together and communicate sincerely

The relationship between God in Greek mythology is complicated

The story of love and hate intertwined

A large part of the open social atmosphere

Men can enjoy it for a long time

I also studied my own system

Come to the Middle Ages

The church gradually becomes the ruler

How to extend the time for everyone

It also gradually becomes fantasy

SSRI drugs, that is, selective 5-hydroxyline re-intake inhibitors

It is the treatment of premature ejaculation drugs approved by the State Drug Administration

It is also a recommended drug for "Guidelines for Premature Ejaculation and Treatment" at home and abroad

It can effectively increase the concentration of 5-hydroxyline in the brain

As for more severe patients

Surgical treatment is needed for surgery such as back nerve block

Reduce excitement from the root cause

But this method is highly risky

Need to choose cautious

In fact, not everyone needs to be delayed

Most men are just because of comparison

Or the misleading publicity of brainwashing in life in life and black heart hospital

Think longer the time can prove your male charm

The length of most men is 3 minutes to 15 minutes

It's not a few hours for some people to brag

There are 3 criteria for judging whether you have premature ejaculation:

all in all

Men must have a clear understanding of "premature ejaculation"

Do not diagnose yourself in each other

If it really affects life

You can also recover through treatment

Don't try the recipe casually!

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