"Slip -cutting", is it good?Anyway, these 4 things before and after the operation can no longer be confused

"Slip -cutting", is it good?Anyway, these 4 things before and after the operation can no longer be confused

There is always an endless topic between boys -cutting the foreskin. That kind of pain, it seems that only the talents who have done surgery understand.

Netizen E: All of them are going to sleep. The other three roommates began to talk about cutting foresters. I smiled directly in my belly in the bed. The description of my roommate was really absolutely absolute: "Pain, like being stepped on by high -heeled shoes, and soaking in the high -heeled shoes. In the wind oil essence. "

Netizen S: I remember when the anesthesia was used to be used before the operation, I was so painful that my dad thought the doctor shook his hand and cut off my entire "Tintin", hahaha.

Cutting the foreskin is not the pain that all men have to experience. Generally speaking, only long and phimosis require surgery to avoid long -term chronic inflammation and dirt stimulation, and induce severe lesions.

Xiao Jiu received the doubts from many male readers in the background: Do this layer of skin grow? Is it over after cutting? In order to satisfy everyone's curiosity and curiosity, I will talk about this topic today.

1. What is the use of foreskin?

Foreskin refers to the skin with a double layer of the head in the male private part. It is not "burden", but it has the effect of protecting the internal skin and preventing urethral pollution.

In fact, the foreskin is too long in the infantile period, and the head and urethral mouth cannot be exposed. This phenomenon is also called "physiological phimosis". With the development of adolescence, the foreskin will shrink backwards, causing the head and urethral opening. This situation does not affect the development of men, so it does not need to be processed in advance. The foreskin is slightly longer, which is also a non -cut range.

Second, the foreskin is long, must you cut it?

So under what circumstances, it is best to cut foreskin as soon as possible? There are 4 species:

1. Children who are still phimosis over 5 years of age;

2. Repeated urinary tract infection or inflammation of private parts;

3. Merge local skin lesions, such as skin hyperplasia, ulcers, etc.;

4. Those with external scars and inflammation cause difficulty;

The above four cases can lead to repeated urinary tract infections or other lesions. It is recommended to surgery as soon as possible. Generally speaking, the best age of surgery is 5-7 years.

Foreskin circulation surgery can prevent premature diarrhea. The exposed head can reduce sensitivity due to long -term friction, thereby prolonging time and playing a certain role in preventing premature diarrhea. In addition, too long foreskin can easily cause dirt to be cleaned and accumulated, which is easy to breed bacteria, leading to other infectious diseases, and may cause penile cancer in a long time. After the foreskin ring cut operation, it can fundamentally solve problems such as inflammation, narrow urethral mouth, and cancer risk.

Third, several common problems, not confused

Cut the foreskin as soon as possible, but parents also have a variety of concerns. After all, this is something that affects children's life. Here, Xiao Jiu chose a few questions that everyone cares about most, and answer them one by one.

· Is the risk big? Can't beat anesthesia?

Foreskin circulation surgery is actually only a small surgery of ten minutes, and the safety is high. However, there is also risks in the smaller surgery. Considering the age and psychological tolerance of the child, for children with mature minds, Tuan Ma (Tuan Ma Shi Children is awake) is the best choice; if there is no mature mind, Cooperation, general anesthesia is the best choice.

· Can I wear underwear after surgery?

If you can wear it without wear, the local wounds in this part are special. The urine excreted by the child will remain around the wound. If the pants or quilt sticks to the wound, the wound may be infected, and the child will suffer.

· Can you take a bath?

After the foreskin circulation, the surrounding environment of the wound is relatively special, which may be affected by the pollution of urine and secretions. It is more likely to be infected when encountering water. Therefore, it is not possible to take a bath within 7 days after the operation. Instead, the potion is used on time to prevent local infection.

What should I do if my swelling, bleeding or pain after surgery?

Bleeding after surgery is a relatively common phenomenon. If it is a little bleeding similar to skin trauma, it can be cleaned with drugs, and then rests in bed. Generally, there will be no serious consequences. After the circular surgery, local edema or redness will last for a period of time, generally 2 to 4 weeks, and individual patients extend to around February. These are normal phenomena and do not need to worry too much. There will be obvious pain for 2-3 days after surgery, and it will gradually decrease later.

4. What should I pay attention to after surgery?

Uncomfortable symptoms may occur after circular surgery. This is normal, which can gradually disappear in about a week. In addition to resting in bed, you must also adjust your diet. Try to be as light as possible and eat less spicy and irritating foods. In order to prevent bacterial invasion, antibiotic drugs are needed, but they must be taken according to the guidance of the doctor to avoid excessive amount.

In the end, Xiao Jiu reminded that some circular surgery advertisements will give parents an illusion: "You can get rebirth after surgery!" This is a serious misunderstanding. Parents must be soberly cognitive, and there is no evidence to prove that the circular surgery can develop secondary, and the surgery is performed.

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