Have you been addicted with "Viagra" for a long time?Will it be even worse after stop?Clear 3 o'clock

Have you been addicted with "Viagra" for a long time?Will it be even worse after stop?Clear 3 o'clock

Mr. Wang is 49 years old. In the past year, I always feel that I can't feel the heart, and my wife's feelings have also happen.

During the New Year, Mr. Wang wanted to express it, so secretly retreated the pharmacy bought "Niiti Nether". But he did not take immediate, and it was worried that there was side effects and may even produce a worse impact. Mr. Wang asked his brother, and his brother told him that it would be addictive for a long time to take this medicine, which makes Mr. Wang more anxious.

In fact, it is not only to be Mr. Wang, many men have the same concerns, how can it take it?

First, don't misunderstand "Viagra"

If you want to know "Viagra", we will start from its origin.

"Viagra" is the name of the Westland, the first to develop a US pharmaceutical company. At that time, the developers wanted to make cardiovascular smooth muscle through it, reaching the purpose of relieving cardiovascular disease. But later experiments found that the efficacy of Niwen's non-cardiovascular disease is not as expected.

On the occasion of researchers, they unexpectedly found that Westland can help male subjects to restore "sexual life." As a result, the researchers began to develop the role of Niwei's non-sponges, and made it into oral "anti-phlegm" drug, named "Viagra." In 1998, "Viagra" was officially launched in the United States, and since it became the gospel of global male ED patients.

Later, in addition to the Westland, the researchers also developed the district, Dallafa, and they were the 5 phosphate diesterase inhibitors. After taking, it can promote blood flow, extend the latency, help ED patient improves function.

In addition, the Westland is not used in many diseases. The study published in "Nature · Sell" found that the Westland decreased to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's risk reduced by 69%. The study of the University of Van Dibitter University of Van Teice found that Westland is non-help to improve the sensitivity of insulin in the early stage of diabetes, used to prevent diabetes.

Second, will it be addictive, drug resistance?

Data show that in 2020, the sales of ED therapy in China exceeded 3.5 billion yuan, and the relevant drugs have been sold in 7 consecutive years. After this, there is a large number of EDs in China. The previous epidemiological survey showed that the total prevalence of male ED in my country was 26.1%, and its impact did not be underestimated.

Today, Xiao Jiu will answer some misunderstandings about it.

1. Will it be addictive?

Common addictive drugs have opium, marijuana, etc., patients can induce pleasure or relieve pain, dependence, deabulation, tolerance, and recurrence. However, in the world's health medicine adverse reactions database, there is currently no report on "Nothing" drug addiction, so don't worry about addictive or dependence after taking it.

2, will it take to drug resistance for a long time?

From the various research and reports at home and abroad, it has not found a drug resistance. Many patients need long-term medication when treating ED, and their therapeutic effects remain good.

3, have you have side effects?

Any drug has adverse reactions, "Nothing" drugs, and some patients may be short-degree of mild expansion of the surrounding blood vessels, short and slight adverse reactions such as dizziness, headache, facial flushing, most patients can tolerate It does not affect life and cardiovascular function, as long as it is insisting on taking a period of time, the adverse reactions can be reduced or disappeared. If the adverse reactions are serious, they should stop the drug immediately, consult a doctor.

Third, why not pay attention?

· Take medication time

It takes about 1 hour for the Western Niki to produce a drug effect, so the best time to take the time is one hour in advance. Moreover, the efficacy is affected by greasy food, drinking and food, so it is best to take an empty stomach. The general amount is first starting from one capsule, if it is invalid, can be increased according to the doctor's order or the specification.

· Drugs that cannot be taken at the same time

When taking the Westland, it is not possible to take the nitrate drugs of heart disease, nitrate, etc., otherwise it may increase the role, the blood pressure is rapidly decreased, and even life is dangerous. These two types of drugs were taken at least 24 hours.

· Not suitable

Since Western Niwand will affect blood pressure, some people need to use it:

Patients with myocardial infarction, shock or serious heart discomfort in half a year. 2 hypertension in patients with hypotension, or blood pressure 170/110mmHg or more. 3 Patients with Pattern retina in patients with unstable angina patients. 5 patients with sickle cellular anemia.

Fourth, do 4 o'clock prevention

Men want to prevent ED, you can do the following 4 points in your daily.

1, good sleep. Insufficient sleep is one of the reasons for ED, it is recommended that men adjust the schedule, try not to stay up late, ensure good sleep.

2, clothes loose. Tight pants, especially the tight panties, not only affect the blood circulation, but also the temperature of the private parts increase, affect development and function. It is recommended that men try to wear loose underwear as much as possible to contribute to blood circulation.

3, aerobic exercise. Motion can improve the internal function of the blood vessel and enhance the horizon level. It is recommended that men do some aerobic exercises, such as running, swimming, etc., while avoiding some motion motion, such as cycling.

4, mutual understanding.The study found that more than 10% of the ED is psychotic ED caused by a woman, that is, male functions are closely related to the partner.The woman must give understanding, care and inclusion, help the man to find confident, improve and improve function.The ED is not a flood beast. The type and reason are complex. Patients must actively treat, avoiding the use of remedies to truly produce.


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