Men's six "improper behaviors" will make women's uterus unbearable, don't be too indulgence!

Men's six "improper behaviors" will make women's uterus unbearable, don't be too indulgence!

Xinxin (pseudonym), 25 years old, met his boyfriend for half a year, and the two lived together, and life was sweet.

But shortly after living together, Xinxin was pregnant unexpectedly. Since the two were not ready to be psychologically prepared, they decided to have a miscarriage after discussion. It didn't take long for the accident to "come" again, and the two chose abortion again for the same reason.

Later, the two of them gradually stabilized and had a certain savings, so they received a certificate. Then he started to prepare for pregnancy, but there was no good news. The two went to the hospital to check together, only to find that due to multiple miscarriage, the uterus was damaged, which caused Xinxin to lose the opportunity to be a mother.

And this heavy price, in addition to women who do not care about their bodies, actually cannot get rid of several ridiculous behaviors with men.

Men's 6 behaviors hurt the uterus, don't be too easy to be "soft -hearted"

1. Don't wear a suit

Capsules can not only contraception, but also prevent multiple sexually transmitted diseases, but some men feel that wearing a sleeve can affect their pleasure, so they refuse to use it.

But this kind of behavior that only cares about it is very selfish. If the accident occurs and cannot bear the responsibility, it can only allow women to give birth, and this is a very harmful behavior that hurts the uterus.

2. Multiple abortion times

If you do n’t wear a cover, and you are not prepared for your child, the result is often abortion. The uterus is like a weaker "baby", which requires our care.

If there are many abortion, especially when the uterus has not fully recovered after the last trauma, it will be severely destroyed again, which is mostly "collapse". Xinxin, like the beginning of the article, is a good example.

3. Release in vitro

It is also one of the usual routines of the "scum man". "I'm not released in the body, it's okay, don't worry."

But in fact, men's semen has partially flowing out before the release, and enters the vagina with the prostate fluid, which makes the accident likely to "find" the door. After that, it went to the part of abortion again.

Note: This contraceptive measure is also unfavorable for men's health. Forcibly extraction may cause central nervous regulatory disorders. The number of times is large. It may occur in ejaculation disorders such as functional non -ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation, which affects fertility.

4. "intimate contact" during menstruation

Some men will ask for "intimate contact" during women's auntie, and women are accepted because of "unbearable", but such behavior is very harmful to the uterus.

During the period of women's physiological period, it can be said to be the most vulnerable to the uterus. At this time, the uterus needs to exclude some waste from the body, and the ability of the body to resist external bacteria will begin to decline. At this time, intercourse Health and endanger women's health.

5. Diagram is too frequent

If the frequency of intercourse is too high, especially if the movement is too strong, or if the hygiene is not in place, it is easy to damage the cervical tissue, destroy the integrity of the epithelium, thereby inducing the occurrence of endometritis, pelvic inflammation and other diseases, and will also hurt the uterus to the uterus Essence

6. Don't pay attention to hygiene

Regardless of men and women, pay attention to hygiene cleaning. If men have too long foreskin, the foreskin produced may be brought into women's body during intercourse, causing women to inflammation.

If women do not pay attention to hygiene, they can cause gynecological diseases such as vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammation, and then affect women's ovaries and uterine function.

The above 6 behaviors will cause some harm to women’s uterus. Therefore, in order to protect her beloved, it is recommended not to try. Girls should pay more attention. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the uterus, no one will care about it. Essence

How should women maintain the uterus in daily life?

Whether the uterus is healthy is of great significance to women, so we must pay attention to their maintenance. Women in different periods are also different for the main points of the maintenance of the uterus. The specifics are as follows:


At this time, the main purpose is to ensure the healthy growth of the uterus and avoid uterine development. Try to achieve: balanced diet and reasonable three meals to meet the nutrition required for uterine development;

To ensure sufficient sleep, promote the secretion of growth hormone at the time of sleep, and benefit the growth of the uterus; encourage children to exercise more and help promote the secretion of hormones in the body.


When the first "aunt" comes, it means that the development of the palace has matured. At this time, the uterus has been opened to the outside world, and bacteria are easier to invade, so we need to strengthen preventive measures.

Try to do: avoid early marriage and early childbirth; avoid too early sexual life. If the relationship occurs, we must wear a sleeve to reduce the chance of miscarriage and protect the uterus; forbidating the flow of medicine without authorization, this is very large for the destruction of the uterus.

Growth Period

At this time, the uterus is facing the most risks, so pay more attention to maintaining the uterus and try to do: have planning to prepare for pregnancy to avoid artificial abortion; do a good job of hygienic cleaning, men need to remove the foreskin in time when the foreskin has too long foreskin;

Avoid unclean sexual lives to avoid sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea. These diseases will cause serious damage to reproductive tract and uterus; during pregnancy, especially early pregnancy and three months of pregnancy, do not have the same room to avoid abortion.


As you grow older, about 50 years old, women's whole body function will also begin to decline, including uterine function and ovarian function. At this time, the estrogen in the body decreases, the uterus appears more fragile, and it is also a high incidence of malignant tumors at this time, so once you should be vigilant and prevent it.

Try to achieve: balanced diet, pay attention to rest, exercise appropriately, and regular physical examination. If you find irregular vaginal bleeding, leucorrhea abnormalities, etc., you will seek medical treatment in time. In addition to the above -mentioned nursing techniques, more attention should be paid attention to: in addition to these nursing skills:

1. Whether it is sexual life or after the end, we must do a good job of hygiene cleaning to avoid bacteria invasion, infection of inflammation, and then harm the uterus.

2. If you do not make a good intention to welcome the "new life", then wearing a condom honestly to avoid accidents.

3. Pay attention to controlling the frequency of intercourse and avoid "zero distance" contact during menstruation.

Summary: The uterus is not only an important endocrine organs, maintaining women's health, but also the organs that bred a fetus, which is of great significance to women, so be sure to protect it and don't let it hurt.

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