Why do your girlfriend always love you?This is normal physiological needs, and the body is changing

Why do your girlfriend always love you?This is normal physiological needs, and the body is changing


Recently, Mr. Chen and his girlfriend are working at home and get along all day. In idle, girlfriends often rely on Mr. Chen to ask for kiss and hug. Although Mr. Chen did not hate hugs, he was a bit anxious and even disgusted.

He is very puzzled, why is his girlfriend always love himself, and is his disgusting abnormal?


Netizen Xiaofeng said that she was with her girlfriend for a month, and she always hugged, and she was embarrassed regardless of the occasion. For example, when walking, his girlfriend will hold him tightly; when taking the bus, his girlfriend holds his arm and leans on him to keep this posture. One time when he took the subway, many people, his girlfriend held him as a railing like a railing, holding him as a railing like a railing. , I held 9 stations all the way ...

On social platforms, many netizens said that they have "the same object" and especially like to hug. Why is this so? Recently, a study answered this question.

1. "Hug" may be human nature

On April 28, the research team led by Chinese scientist Professor Chen Zhifeng published a study on Science.

Studies have found that the original touch, hug, and light shooting brought a sense of pleasure. There are special neural circuits and chemical trusts to pass these pleasant signals to the brain. In other words, like "hug" may be human nature.

The researchers designed a clever experiment. They first put the mice in a single cage, separated from other mice, and then stroked the mouse body with a soft brush to produce a touch or combing hair. After a few days of "touching", the mice were placed in a new environment and chose to enter one of the two rooms. One of the rooms will get "touching" and the other room is not.

In the experiment, the mouse chose a room with a "touching" almost every time, which indicates that the mice like to touch and find it.

Then, the research team found the nerves that activated the pleasure of "touching" in mice and removed relevant genes (ProK2). As a result, they found that these mice's feelings about other tactile feelings are normal. Sworing hair and other activities. This shows that the Pork2 pathway may be a special channel for pleasant touch.

This study shows the process of touching, holding hands, and caressing to produce a pleasant signal, which helps to understand and treat diseases such as autism. It also reminds us that we must pay attention to the long -term impact of intimate contact on mental and mental health.

Second, the benefits of hugs are too much

At present, hugs will not be treated as serious treatment, but it is undeniable that it can bring us many benefits.

1. Reduce pressure

When embrace, the body releases "oxytocin", promotes the sedation of the nervous system, makes people feel calm and relaxed. It can also reduce the level of "stress hormonal" cortisol, which has the effect of releasing pressure.

2. It is beneficial to heart health

When embracing, oxytocin released by the body can also reduce blood pressure, relieve heartbeat, and reduce the pressure of the heart. The hug experiment of the North Carolina State University found that women who embrace their partners every day not only decreased blood pressure, but also reduced the risk of heart disease.

3. Relieve pain

Hugs can not only bring spiritual support, but also promote dopamine, endorphin and serotonin secretion, and help reduce pain. Compared with painkillers, the analgesic effect brought by hugs is unavailable.

4. Improve immunity

A study at the University of Carnegie Mellon in the United States found that those who often embrace are less likely to suffer from colds. Even if they are sick, the symptoms of colds are relatively lighter. Hugs can enhance the immune system, which is related to emotional and endocrine influence.

5. Improve emotional connection

Oxycin is also called "love hormones", which can not only promote the intimate relationship between lovers and husbands and wives, but also help build new interpersonal relationships and maintain feelings.

6. Help to sleep

Hugs will cause the human body to secrete oxytocin and serotonin, and oxytocin has a sedative effect. Erenatin can relax the nerves and let people enter a deep, quiet and comfortable sleep state. Research published in "Psychiatric Studies" found that hugging and snuggling with your partner can make you sleep longer and deeper.

7. Help the establishment of parent -child relationship

Hugging is similar to the uterine environment, making the baby feel safe and warm, and then crying less and sleeping better, which is good for physical and mental health.

Clinical data also found that kangaroo -style care (refers to parents to put newborns upright on the chest) can effectively reduce the mortality and prevalence of newborn, and also increase the emotional interaction between infants and parents before.


8. It is conducive to mental health

Research from British Columbia University in Canada showed that hugging babies would "shape" their behavior and psychology, affecting metabolism and immune systems. Babies who are embraced may be healthier, confident, and stronger when they grow up, and have better ability to deal with social relations and life pressure.

3. Note that these diseases may spread

Although embrace has many benefits, it may also spread diseases, especially the following three.


An acute respiratory infectious disease caused by seasonal influenza virus is often manifested as chills, high fever, and soreness. The hug may spread indirectly or exposes the contaminated hands.

·chicken pox

A kind of acute infectious disease caused by "chickenpox-shingles virus", which occurs in children and adolescents. It is contagious. Essence · Hand, foot and mouth disease

A common infectious disease caused by intestinal virus such as type 71 of intestinal virus, type A16, etc., such as type 71, Cocoic virus A16, etc., and children under 5 years old can be exposed to the saliva, nose or throat secretions of patients, Pass through the transmission of piercing blisters, feces or contaminated objects.

Extension: How to embrace correctly?

When deciding to hug a person, please refer to these hug etiquette:

· Always respect the space of others;

· You must first obtain consent, unless you have a close relationship with the person;

· The hug must be different, the friendly hug and the enthusiastic hug are different.

· Don't think you can hug others at will, even if you have embraced each other many times before;

· Maintain good hygiene habits to avoid bad breath and experience.

When did you hug people last time? Do you remember what it feels? May wish to leave your comments at the end of the text and share your hug experience. Whether it is friendship, affection or love hug, it is good!

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