After the two sons "act", do men need to clean up?Don't be tangled, maybe many people have misunderstood

After the two sons "act", do men need to clean up?Don't be tangled, maybe many people have misunderstood

I received a letter of submission from the fans in the background:

Hello, I have troubled me for a long time, that is, it is a bit itchy from time to time, but there is nothing bad. The life with her husband is also very harmonious. Pay attention to hygiene, why is this?

If you want to have a harmonious sex life, you should pay attention to many aspects. Among them, hygiene is a very important point. Many times men and women are lazy after enjoying a hearty sex. It is easy to cause itching embarrassment.

Why do I need to clean after the same room?

When it comes to cleaning up after the intercourse, many people have not done it in place, and they have different views on this:

Netizen A: It must be washed, otherwise it is sticky, uncomfortable, and cleaned;

Netizen B: Women's best is still washing, men don't care;

Netizen C: Every time the end, I really don't want to move, so I choose to wipe it with paper.

After that room, do you need to clean it? The answer is: need. Because after the intercourse, women secreted mucus, men's semen, sweat, etc. will be adhered to the private parts. If they are not cleaned in time, they will be greatly beneficial to bacterial reproduction and increase the chance of inflammation.

Especially women, the urethral structure is short and shallow, and there are many skin folds in private parts. Coupled with secretion of mucus and sweat, the bacteria are easier to invade, which causes urinary system infection and inflammation, so it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning.

Washing after intercourse can not only ensure hygiene, prevent inflammation and other diseases, but also help relax the body and mind and make people sleep better. Therefore, it is recommended that you should not be lazy! For the future quality of intercourse, wash it.

Regarding women to clean, men do n’t need this, they can only say that do n’t give excuses for their laziness. Men will also remain dirt after intercourse, secrete a lot of sweat, semen, bacteria will breed, causing diseases such as eczema and bodybuilding. Symptoms such as itching and odor.

Especially for men with foreskin dirt, it is easy to cause health problems such as foreskinitis, so it is recommended to clean it regardless of men or women afterwards.

"Washing" afterwards is more healthy, but there are 6 extension

As mentioned above, many people will choose a relatively convenient measure, that is, rubbing with paper.

Ms. Li, Jiangsu, said, "Every time I finish it, I wipe it with paper, which is convenient." Ms. Guangzhou's grandchildren "say that I can't wipe it with paper, so I insist on washing each time" Essence

In fact, it is not recommended that women use paper towels to wipe afterwards, because paper towels cannot be completely wiped, especially some parts with more folds, such as women's perineum and secretions in men's scrotum.

In addition, there are certain hidden dangers in the hygiene of the paper towels, especially some inferior paper towels. The sanitary indicators are not qualified. They may carry bacteria. There are some paper towels that will be opened for a long time. Wipe it with a paper towel, it is easy to bring bacteria into the body, which is not conducive to physical health.

Therefore, for the sake of health, it is recommended that everyone still do a good job of cleaning. It should be noted that the cleaning after the intercourse is also particular. If the washing is not right, it will be critical and healthy, so once you should pay attention to the correct cleaning method, the details are as follows:

Cleaning time: It is best to rest for about 15-30 minutes, the body is relaxed and then washed;

Cleaning water temperature: When cleaning, pay attention to the water temperature. It is advisable to be about 38 ° C-39 ° C. Too low temperature can stimulate the original diastolic pores suddenly shrink, which can easily cause colds. At the same time, it will also cause a large amount of blood into the heart and increase the load of the heart; while the water temperature is too high, it is easy to dizzy, and it is not conducive to sperm survival.

Cleaning method: Try to rinse as much as possible, do not take a bath or bath, so as not to bring bacteria into the body.

Cleaning intensity: Don't rub the mission to take a bath in the bathhouse. After the intercourse, the blood circulation speed of the body becomes faster. Excessive force of it can easily damage the blood vessels and cause accidents.

Cleaning supplies: Just warm water, try to avoid frequent use of cleaning agents to clean the private parts, easily damage the acid -base balance of the vagina, damage the self -cleaning function of the vagina, and cause inflammatory diseases such as vaginitis.

Cleaning direction: Washing from the back, wash the vulva first, then the labia minora, and then the anus, so as not to bring the bacteria of the anus to the vagina, causing gynecological diseases.

In addition, after the intercourse, for the sake of health, pay attention to the following 3 points:

1. Try not to sleep immediately after the intercourse. This will cause fatigue to continue to relax, make you more tired the next day, and make your partner feel that you do not pay enough attention to her, and sleep after the incident. So at this time, you can chat and share your inner feelings, which is also helpful to promote feelings.

2. Try not to choose cold drinks due to thirst after the intercourse. At this time, the gastric mucosa is congested without completely recovering. This can easily damage the gastric mucosa and gastrointestinal discomfort. Therefore, it is recommended to use warm water.

3. Do not rush to urinate after men's affairs, because at this time the prostate is congested, and the urination resistance will be relatively large. Urgent urination may cause the urine to return to the prostate and induce prostatitis; and women's urination in time will help to rush off the stickiness in time Bacteria attached to the epidermis attached to the private parts to prevent urinary tract infection.

After the intercourse, we must do a good job of hygiene and cleaning, so as to prevent bacteria invasion and reduce the occurrence of diseases. At the same time, for health, some precautions after the intercourse must be understood.Until urine and so on, so as to have a better "sexual blessing" life.Reference materials:

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