Men are scraped and many, what are the problems?What is the relationship between life?Growing knowledge

Men are scraped and many, what are the problems?What is the relationship between life?Growing knowledge

What is the experience of boys' beard too fast? As the saying goes, "a good man is a hair", but this hair grows too fast, which will also bring some troubles to life.

@Hugh: What experience? Are you always calculated? Scrape them in the morning, there will be stubble in the afternoon, and it will be one centimeter for three days, so I always be stunned by various, my colleagues, friends, family members, and often: "Xiao Zhang, can you make the beard? Scrape! "

@: How fast is it? I finished scraping in the morning, and my face was covered with a stubble at about five in the afternoon. When I stayed up all night and the pressure of work, it was even more crazy. The other influence is not great, that is, when you kiss your girlfriend, you are panicked ...

@: Myrogens are particularly strong. I am only 22 years old and have bald hair. I have to go to my hair, but I can only barely cover the top of my head. The beard is shaved a day, the beard is particularly dense, and the chest hair and leg hair are particularly long, which causes me to never dare to wear shorts and vests.

1. Why don't Chinese men like to stay beard?

In other words, ancient men in our country also loved to stay with beard. They do not believe you think about Li Yan, and the old man with immortality, either a beard or a beard. But in modern times, Chinese men do not like to stay beard. Instead, Western men fall in love with beard and even become a fashion.

A survey by the US market research company Simmons shows that 39%of American men are currently staying with a beard, which is 15%more than 5 years ago.

So, what causes this situation?

In fact, there are many reasons, the most important thing is aesthetic differences. In recent years, my country ’s aesthetic trends in men have a sense of neutralization and a sense of teenage. Popular vocabulary such as“ small fresh meat ”and“ little milk dog ”can prove this. The beard is very inconsistent with these images, and it is easy to be regarded as a "greasy uncle" and "not repaired", which makes people avoid.

Secondly, beards have special symbolic significance in China. In modern China, beards are often linked to brutal and violent, and the image of a man who keeps the beard is not very good. For example, mountain thieves, bandits, etc., leave a bad impression, which is not conducive to socialization. In addition, beards are more difficult to take care of, especially those who grow fast, if you want to maintain a certain length and shape, then take care of it every day. For men who do not love or troublesome Once it was scratched.

Of course, this also has a certain relationship with race. East Asians and black skin hair follicles have high tolerance for male hormones, less body hairs, and it is more difficult to leave beard. The opposite of Europe and the United States and the Middle Eastern people are generally strong, and the hair is generally strong, and there is more need to take care of beard.

Second, the beard grows fast, indicating that the life span is short?

There is a saying on the Internet: "The beard grows fast, indicating that the life span is short." Where does this statement come from? Is it true?

After being studied, this statement stems from a report from a Taiwanese media. A study published in the UK shows that compared with men who scrape every day, men who do not scrape their cardiovascular disease every day are more risk for cardiovascular disease.

It can be seen from the study that a total of 2,438 middle -aged men participated in the study with a follow -up period of 20 years. Twenty years later, 31%of the 835 people died were scraped at least once a day, and 45%of them were not scraping every day.

However, these data cannot prove whether the frequency of scraping affects life. Because research does not exclude other influencing factors, such as whether there is a family history, a bad living habits, and whether there are other basic diseases. This study is one -sided and not persuasive.

Most of the beard depends on heredity. For example, the more the number of hair follicles, the more beard; the high level of the male hormone, the high sensitivity of the hair follicles, and the stronger the beard. The number of hair follicles, hormone levels, and hair follicle sensitivity are basically controlled by genetic genes.

Third, misunderstandings about beard

1. The beard will be scratched and harder?

The frequency of shaving does not affect the thickness and growth rate of the beard. When shaving, it is only exposed to the outside of the body. The stubble left is relatively short, so the visual color is darker and thicker, but in fact the beard itself does not change much.

2. The more beard, the stronger the sexual ability?

The number of beards is not much related to the sexual ability. Although testosterone hormones affect men's second sexual characteristics and sexual function to a large extent, it is not the only factor. Other factors include psychological state, vascular function, and nerve function.

Extension: 5 suggestions for healthy beard

Of course, although the beard does not seem to be tight, maintaining health and cleanliness is equally important for personal image and health. In the end, Xiao Jiu gave 5 tips to help you maintain a healthy and tidy beard.

· In order to grow healthy beards, it is necessary to develop a healthy lifestyle to ensure sufficient sleep, smoking quitting and restricted alcohol, and a balanced diet.

· Scrape the appropriate tools, including facial cleanser, horny scrub, moisturizing cream, beard comb, beard brush, etc.

· Before scraping, cleaning the beard should be cleaned and warm with warm water, and then rinse it with water to avoid the residue of the detergent.

· According to your skin, choose the appropriate beard cleaner to ensure that there will be no acne and block the pores.

· If dandruff or rash appears in the beard, it should be treated in time to avoid exacerbating dermatitis.

Do you love beard? Whether you stay or not, pay attention to your beard! Healthy beard is also one of the symbols of healthy body!

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