After the age of 50, people with longevity have a longevity physique, often have these three performances, which is very good.

After the age of 50, people with longevity have a longevity physique, often have these three performances, which is very good.

Human life is limited. For some elderly, it may not be able to live to 100 years old, only hope that there is no illness during the elderly.

Pain is likely to be a disease signal from the body. In addition to pain, some symptoms are also associated with health, and the life is long.

First, 4 is white, it may affect life

His face

If your body is healthy, the normal face should be white and red, and there is a glossy feel. If the face is white, it may be caused by the insufficient blood in the body, and it is necessary to carry out the liver and raise the lungs as soon as possible.

2. Manicure

Most of the healthy person's nails are light pink. If nail is blind, it may be chemical stimuli or have a fungal infection, and may be a signal that is cirrhosis, colitis, must be investigated as soon as possible.

3. Hand and foot

Hands and feet are generally indicative of qi and blood deficiency, blood circulation has problems, and people who have this symptoms usually have more feet, but also keep warm, appropriate qi.

4. Lips whit

The lips may be anemia, malnutrition, kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, etc., so once the lips are found, first check the cause, then treat it.

Second, the health trick: simple three actions


There is a nerve and backpoint in the back, and the skin can be stimulated by the back to the skin and some acupuncture points. Under the conduction of the nervous system, enhance the human disease resistance, thus achieving the effect of health, remember the back of the back To take it.

2. Take anal

Appropriate anal action can be used to prevent anal fissure, hemorrhoids, etc., but pay attention to methods, try to stand or lay together.

3. Dry Mu

Dry Mu did not refer to the use of hands or dry towels, the skin's massage, such a practice helps the human meridian's dredging, and can also play an effect of anti-aging.

Third, the longevity cheats of the longest life of the world

Almeham Tips is the longest-lived elderly in my country. At the age of death, one of her longevity secrets is an optimistic mentality. No matter what problem, there is a positive attitude.


Almany is almost almost almost, but the food is very light, but it is very light and more likes to eat vegetables.

2. Law of work

In addition to the diet, Almand is also very laws on life, she wakes up for breakfast at five or six in the morning, lunch at 12 noon, diet is also very regular, and the appetite is also Better.

3. Love life

Everyone will encounter a variety of problems and setbacks in a lifetime, and the Almany is a kind of attitude that loves life.

my country's longest-lived elderly Almei Dreams last year, but analyzed her longevity secrets, we can't find it, she diet, the law, love life, always positively facing the various question. We should pay more attention to your physical condition. If there are some physical abnormalities, it is likely to be a signal issued by the disease, and it is usually necessary to conduct proper health.


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