The more you eat, the more you died?More than 5,800 foods were studied, and 3 "reducing life" food should be eaten.

The more you eat, the more you died?More than 5,800 foods were studied, and 3 "reducing life" food should be eaten.

"People's life can only eat 9 tons of food, who first takes first!"

Three years ago, Zhang Ayi saw an article on the mobile phone. Experts say that the food eating food is a fixed number, and the person who has finished 9 tons of food is fast, and it is definitely short-lived than the people who have finished late. .

It seems that it is quite reasonable, so Zhang Ayi began to restrict the life of the diet, basically do not eat meat, only vegetarian, haap, fish, eggs and other high-quality proteins. Recently, I suddenly fainted at home, I was eager to go to the hospital, and the doctor's inspection found that Zhang Ayi had a long-term restriction diet has emerged severe anemia and malnutrition. The level of blood pigment is only 1/4 of normal people!

I know that my illness is caused by long-term restrictions, Zhang Ayi regrets, and it will definitely correct the diet, strengthen nutrition, and no more.

Diet and life is closely related, this is unquestionable. But can you really have a longevity? For the high-incidence of chronic diseases, the restriction diet is really necessary, but how to limit it is very particular.

First, the United States research: The more you eat, the more you die?

According to my country's meal tower, ordinary adults need to eat 1226 grams -1821 grams of food every day, and according to my country's per capita life, the person is calculated at least 34.59-51.38 tons of food, so "people can only Eating 9 tons of food "This statement is just a nonsense.

However, restrictions have really impact on life, and American researchers have made experiments on 200 monkeys. The researchers divide the monkeys average the average control of diet and do not control the diet. The monkeys strictly control the diet. Can eat seven or eight-fold, without controlling a monkey, can be eaten.

After 10 years, 100 monkeys who have been controlled by the diet have only 12 deaths, but the monkeys do not control the diet have 50 deaths, and the remaining 50 will have coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, fatty liver and other diseases. Therefore, the researchers have drawn experimental conclusions: the more the monkeys eat, the shorter live. However, this is only an animal experiment, and the effectiveness of the person is unknown.

Does human beings limit diet? Zhongnan Mountain, a Chinese Academy of Engineering, believes that it is better to eat less than eating, and it is good to be better to prevent disease.

Second, Zhongnan Mountain Academician: I want to live longer, I have to eat less.

Zhongnan Mountain divided the heat intake according to three meals: 30% breakfast, 40% lunch, 30% of dinner, he believes that longevity, you must do food, especially middle-aged, seven-eight-fold is the most Good status, because eat too much will not only increase the gastrointestinal burden, there will be obesity, three high, brain premature, etc.

It is worth noting that excessive restrictions are not good. Because over-limiting diet will make the body less nutrients, long-term, physical health will be affected, and neurological anorexia may occur.

It can be seen that how to eat is a matter of not easy, too much to eat too much, too small, moderately restrict the diet, eat some to reduce life food, still necessary.

Third, 5,853 foods were studied, and these three kinds of eating food should be eaten!

In August this year, "Nature - Food" magazine published a research on 5,853 kinds of food. The researchers ranked according to these foods on healthy life. For example, every 1G processing meat will reduce life in 0.45 minutes, eat A hot dog has a life expectancy to decrease 36 minutes and summarizes the "Health Nutrition Index" red black list.

Among them, the first black list is a sugar beverage, followed by a pickled meat, processing meat, the most people can't think of the red meat is also on the list.

1, sugar beverage

It is much more harmful to the hazards of sugar beverages, including increased risk of caries, obesity, acne, diabetes, the most terrible, sugar-containing beverages also increase the risk of tumors.

In 2019, a study of more than 100,000 people showed that drinking 100 ml of sugar beverages daily increased by 18% of the cancer chance, which is because the oxygenable yeast solution of sugar provides a growth requirement. Energy is the "help" of tumors.

2, pickled meat, machining meat

After pickling, smoking, air-drying, etc., meat that improves taste or extending storage time is machining meat, such as ham, bacon, bacon, etc., these meat must eat less, because there will be carcinogenic risks!

The treatment of meat will cause cancer because the machining meat is in the production process, and a variety of chemicals and preservatives, such as nitrate, nitrite, these substances can be added after entering the body. Intestinal cells have damage. At the same time, the machining meat may also produce harmful substances such as polycyclo amine or heterocyclylamine during processing, and it will also damage the intestinal cells after eating the belly.

3, red meat

In 2015, the international cancer research institutions collected red meat as a carcinogen, which means that red meat may increase the risk of cancer, because the red meat contains a lot of heme, when he hemuges enter the human body, It will be decomposed in the intestine to form a chemical substance that will damage the digestive system - "n-nitros compound", when the DNA of the inner liner cell is damaged, there will be genetic mutations, which will increase The risk of cancer.

Therefore, we have to drink less sugar drinks, eat less gumber, processing meat and red meat, try to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and grains, most importantly, in daily diet, you have to make nutrition balance, noPick the food, don't die.Reference:

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