3 civilian food, nourishing the gods and spleen helpful!No wonder longevity people love to eat

3 civilian food, nourishing the gods and spleen helpful!No wonder longevity people love to eat

Lili (pseudonym) recently feels very difficult, usually eat, what is the fragrance she eats recently, even the usual favorite fried chicken burger is full of two mouths, eat less ... I have always feel that it is very difficult, and the whole person is very uncomfortable.

The body's discomfort symptoms are not here. Li Li's daily bowel movement has also become very difficult, often in two or three days, it is going to be a long time. Coupled with night sleep quality, there are many, so that Lili's entire man's state is very bad.

Lili's mother saw Lili very heartache, with her to see an old Chinese medicine. After the diagnosis, the old Chinese medicine was informing that Lili is due to a series of abnormal symptoms caused by spleen deficiency, only need to adjust the spleen and stomach function, and the symptoms can be relieved.

The doctor pointed out that the symptoms of Lili appeared were typical spleen deficiency, and it took timely conditioning.

The body has these five performances, may be spleen deficiency

1, obesity

Although the population of spleen deficiency is small, the body is getting more and more serious, which is a big relationship with the decline in the in vivo. Spleen deficiency will lead to the disorder of the spleen and stomach, so that the digestibility of food will decline. Excessive food is accumulated in the body, causing physical obesity, even induced fatty liver, high blood fat.

2, the stool does not form

Spleen deficiency causes the normal digestion of food to be affected and will make the moisture in the patient. When the daily defecation, it will find that the feces are particularly difficult to do, and it is difficult to flush when the flush is.

3, tongue has a teeth

Some people will appear obvious tooth printed on the tongue, because spleen deficiency causes the tongue to be fat, and the position in the mouth is very limited. The big tongue can only follow the teeth "grab space" to form a symptom of tooth marks on the tongue, and the traces of some patients are sawed.

4, sleepy

The spleen deficiency people will feel particularly difficult to get rid of daily, no matter how resting is also unlike. Because spleen deficiency causes the digestion of the food to be affected, the body can't absorb enough nutrient elements, which cannot meet daily needs, naturally will make the whole person become particularly difficult.

5, the resistance drop

Many people think that the spleen is an irrelevant organ, this idea is wrong. Spleen and stomach health is very important for the body. Long-term spleen deficiency will lead to gradually decline in physical resistance. When the body is affected by some pathogens, it will not resist the body.

Long-term spleen deficiency is not only to bring discomfort symptoms to the body, but may also induce some diseases, what are the specific? Look down together.

What diseases can be caused by spleen deficiency?

The spleen is an important lymphatic organ in the body. When the body is in a rest, it will store the blood, which is equivalent to the blood library in the body. And when the body is active, the spleen is also responsible for transporting these blood to the body for the demand.

In addition, the spleen and stomach is an important immune organ in the body. When the body is affected by foreign viruses, it can refuse the door. Even if the pathogen is entered into the blood, the spleen and stomach can also play a killing.

When there is a spleen deficiency condition, there is no timely intervention, which will cause the spleen and stomach function to continue to deteriorate, causing a series of abnormal disorders.

Including women will have menstruation, male is easy to kidney deficiency, etc., and spleen deficiency will also cause the body to absorb sufficient nutrients, so that the body's immunity continues to decline, causing some germacterial organic multiplication.

The population of chronic disease itself may also make the condition gradually increase, and even evolve into cancer, seriously threatening health.

Everyone must pay attention to spleen deficiency, and regulate in time. In life, there are many people who have a long-term habit of raising the spleen and stomach, but their spleen and stomach function is not good, which is likely to step into the misunderstanding.

Some people have always raised the spleen and stomach, but it is delayed?

Do you need a spleen in the autumn and winter?

This is a misunderstanding that many people exists. It is believed that in the spring and summer season, the weather is more hot, there is no need to raise the spleen and stomach, still have a large amount of cold, cold food, only autumn and winter season, the weather will only eat some warm food to supplement Spleen stomach.

As everyone knows, this practice is very wrong, and the spleen and stomach requires no good results alone in the autumn and winter season.

How much is eaten?

Some people know that some food can play a lot of food in daily, so that they will only play the effect of appropriate. Ingestion, a single food will increase the spleen and stomach burden, which will lead to a single nutrient element, and there is no benefit to health.

Lying in the spleen?

Many people are sitting in daily, thinking that this is the right practice of health. In fact, this practice is very wrong. Long-term lying will only make your spleen deficiency symptoms get more and more serious, and the yang in the body will not rise, form a bad vicious circle.

So, how do you raise the spleen? Do this!

First, you need to change from the diet, away from sweet, over, and high-fat food. The diet needs to be light mainly, don't eat too much every meal, keeping a seven-point saturation, there is a hunger between the two meals to eat some fruit, snack.

You can try more to take more food:

Lotus Root: The lotus root has the effect of complementing the spleen and stomach, and it contains more dietary fibers. After entering the body, it can relieve constipation, and constipation caused by spleen deficiency can play a good improvement effect.

Mutton: Mutton is a very supplemented food, which contains very nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, etc., but its fat content is very low. For spleen deficiency, it is especially suitable for consumption in winter. Radishes: Radish is particularly suitable for winter health, which has the effect of promoting spleen and stomach, appetizing. In the folk and even someone called "small ginseng", it can be seen that radish has a great support for health.

In addition to these foods described above, the spleen deficiency population can also eat red dates, yam, mushrooms, beef and honey. It should be noted that the spleen deficiency people must avoid drinking, edible ducks, greasy cold food, these foods will aggravate their condition.

Second, the spleen deficiency population can also choose sports to improve the body situation, walk, jogging, yoga, and playing Tai Chi, etc. are good choices. Before any exercise, you need to do warm-up work and do it in the case of physical condition.

I don't want to exercise myself, so I will hurt the body, and I can't get a good exercise effect. It is recommended that the number of exercises per week is not less than 5 times, no less than 30 minutes each time. I have long been adhered to, and the body will give you positive feedback.

Then, in the emotion, you need to make peace soothing. The population of spleen deficiency, because the body is not suitable for feeling irritating, which is easy to form a vicious circle. When you feel unstable, you can try to talk to others, or go out to walk, relieve your discomfort.

Finally, in life, you should keep sufficient sleep, sleep can make the organs in the body get enough rest, which is conducive to its normal function, which can play a good auxiliary effect for the spleen and stomach.

In addition, the daily living environment should pay attention to keeping clean and comfortable, long-term living in wet, cool places, and it is easy to cause moisture in the body to be angry, causing spleen deficiency.


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