I like to be touched. It is normal, this is the ability of human instinct, and the body will be satisfied.

I like to be touched. It is normal, this is the ability of human instinct, and the body will be satisfied.

The object is always in contact with you.

Is there a love? Or is it too strong?

In fact, it is not ...

Have you heard of "skin hunger"?

As the name suggestion

It is a special desire for the skin.

Touch and hug by others

This is actually a psychological disease

This type of human skin is sensitive to ordinary people

When the skin is touched

Especially hug

Can get physiology, psychological strong satisfaction

But over-relying on this satisfaction

It also brings a negative impact

Sailing harm

Skin hungry

Once you are eager to meet

Insomnia, anxiety, and mood will follow

Severe or even affect normal life

Girl with skin hunger, hug

Will be afraid that I am too sticky, not independent

Boys with skin hunger, hug

Easy to be misunderstood

Nothing patient is more miserable

Can't force others

Can only take another way

So many "about the survivifier" invitation

Why do you have skin hunger?

I am eager to be touched is a human energy.

It is the same as hungry.

Let's first look at a famous "central" experiment.

Researchers will isolate the little monkeys who have just born with the mother monkeys

And put two model mother monkeys in front of the little monkey

One is a simple wire mother who can provide milk.

Another is a furry cloth even monkey

See which "mother" will prefer it.

Experiment start

The little monkey doesn't want to think

Give a drink in front of the wire model

Can drink milk

As the researchers are expected

The little monkey is more willing to relieve

Nothing can't give it a batch mother

Because of a soft and warm touch

Meet the small monkey touch demand

Our human beings are also the same

Skin as the largest feeling

Is the earliest development of the organs

We are from infancy

Can pass hugs and touch

Feel the benefits of oxytocin secretion

It can help shy people overcome shame when socializing

Can also make ordinary people soothing pressure, cheerful, and belonging

Can be due to some reasons

More and more people can't enjoy this feeling.

1 childhood emotional lack of childhood

Long grows in a safe environment

Will let them understand the people

Missing trust in people

I am eager to be loved, but I am afraid of being loved.

2 The social intersection does not have to face opposite, payment does not have to hand

That's right, how many people do you have?

I have never physical contact with others one day.

Hand with temperature turns into cold ice mobile phone

Skin hunger is in a young man who works alone

Become more common

In fact, you already know the answer.

Most people think

Skin phone phone case

Or a plush phone case

More than the general transparent plastic shell

And this feeling "good" idea is from what?

How to relieve skin hunger

Don't think about the phone shell.

Let's take a look at how to get out of this difficult

First of all, everyone must face your needs.

Uncle has a whole article to tell everyone

Desire to be touched is human nature

So you don't have to feel ashamed for your needs.

If it is a shy single boys

Come, uncle gives you a hug

If you don't like nine uncles

You can also choose a pillow

When hugging pillow, the brain will also generate tactile stimulation.

It is very safe


Uncle also recommends everyone to raise a pet companion

We are touching cats and dogs

Also secrete oxytocin

Pressure hormones, blood pressure, heart rate will fall

Muscles become relaxed

The mood is also better


When you put down your phone out of your door

You will find

There are still many people who have the same troubles like you.

A dance

A company friendship

A funny match

Maybe it will become a turning point for changing the status quo.


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