Do you have a habit of cleaning the "ass"?How to wash it correct?Don't be shy, after reading it, don't finish

Do you have a habit of cleaning the "ass"?How to wash it correct?Don't be shy, after reading it, don't finish

As the saying goes, "disease from mouth"

The human body is more than one mouth

Turing other "mouth"

We also pay attention to cleaning

Uncle is teaching everyone today


The rivers and lakes are called "chrysanthemum"

Usually shrink status

Wrinkle is easy to hide many dirt

If cleaning is not clean

May cause skin disease, acne, etc.

When cleaning chrysanthemum

It is best to use flowing warm water.

Water water can make it stretching

Can also soften the dirt hidden in the gap

Also remind a sentence

Unless your chrysanthemum has a special purpose

Otherwise, it is best not to irry.

Single washing is still not finished

Because there are other organs near it

Also worse

It's really washed it.

Don't see Tintin's structure is simple

I thought it was easy to clean.

In fact, it has a rich sweat gland, sebaceous gland

Plus thick hair

It is easy to hide

If cleaning is not clean

May be infected by bacterial

Inflammation such as urethritis, dermatitis

So we should clean it every day.

Dingtentine is easier to clean

Generally, use warm water.

Dingding Ding is a bit trouble

Because the leather stack together

Oil secretion is not easy to discharge

Form a natural bacterial petri dish

If the washing is not clean, it will suffer from inflammation.

So when cleaning the belt Pi Ding Ding

Be sure to turn the leather

Recourse again

Clean dirt

General case

Wash with warm water

No need to use shower gel or soap

Because if the foam is not clean

Instead, discomfort may occur

Only when Ding Ding is sick

Use specialized lotion or cleaning water

And there must be a doctor's guidance

The physiological structure of girls is more complicated

You can use "heavy rock stack" to describe it.

More easily hiding

It is best to use warm water shower.

If there is no shower condition

You can prepare a cleaning special basin

Then cleans the previously rearward order

Wash it again, then wash

Finally wash your fart

Try to be soft when cleaning

To reduce friction stimulation for skin


Healthy private parts are cleaned with warm water.

Because the internal itself has many colonies

They form a self-cleaning system

Do not use chemical lotion cleaning

This will affect the balance of internal acid base

Not only will not be cleaned cleaner

It is also possible to lead to gynecological inflammation, etc.

If in the physiological period

More timely change sanitary napkins and cleaning

Sanitary napkins for a long time

Will be wet, hot, not breathable

More easily breeding bacteria, trigger odor

Note: You can't take a bath during the physiological period, choose your shower

The last nectus thought

in nature

Many plants

We can appreciate the different plants

Why can't you accept the difference between people?

Whether it is a small

Color is gorgeous or bleak

As long as it is clean, it is good ~


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