What is "Yin" B -ultrasound?What do you need to pay attention to when checking?Don't be shy, give you a clear answer

What is "Yin" B -ultrasound?What do you need to pay attention to when checking?Don't be shy, give you a clear answer

When it comes to Yin Chao, many female patients will be more worried, fear of pain, fearing gynecological inflammation, and even in case of a male doctor.

Netizens have different feelings about Yin Chao. Some people feel that there is no feeling, some people are nervous, and some people will feel pain.

1. What is a yin -type B -ultrasound? What is the role?

Yin -type B -ultrasound is a way to gynecological B -ultrasound. It is a way to use ultrasound probes to touch the outer mouth of the cervix in the vagina and perform ultrasonic examination.

Compared with the abdomen B -ultrasound, the Yin -type B -ultrasound has some outstanding advantages. For example, the resolution is higher than that of the B -ultrasound, the image display is clearer, and the early pregnancy can be found early, and the yin -type B timeout can be performed. Essence

However, there is also a certain limitations of the vulvar B -ultrasound. Because the focus of the vaginal probe is generally within 10 cm, the pregnancy of women in the middle and late stages cannot be displayed. , Vaginal malformations, people with no history of sex.

Second, Yin -type B -ultrasound can cause gynecological inflammation and abortion?

As soon as I hear the underworld B -ultrasound, many people are worried about being embarrassed when they do it, and they are afraid that they will get some gynecological inflammation or cause abortion after finishing.

In fact, the Yin -type B -ultrasound is a very safe and hygienic gynecological examination. When checking, doctors will use inspection gloves, probe condoms, and disinfection towels. There are no infections.

Yin -type B -ultrasound does not have to worry about abortion. Generally, low -intensity physical waves are used, no radiation, no harm to the human body, and generally early pregnancy examination time is very short, doctors are gentle. What impact.

Will it hurt? What should I pay attention to?

Due to the different pain experience of each person, there are also differences in the feeling of the patient's Yin -type B -ultrasound, so will the Yin -type B -ultrasound hurt? What should I pay attention to when doing?

The probe of the ultrasound is generally a diameter of 2-3 cm, and it is only partially plugged in during inspection. Most of them will only have a slight discomfort, and there will be no obvious pain. It is likely that the vagina has inflammation, the cervix is ​​led, and there is blood in the uterine cavity.

Pay attention to the time of yin B to avoid ultrasound results due to urine infection. It is best to empty the bladder before the yin super, and the yin ultra -yin is not suitable for patients with no sexual life, vaginal malformations, post -abortion, etc. These facts You should improve the informed doctor.

Because Yin Chao needs to put the probe in the vagina, women are best to avoid menstrual period to do yin super. It is recommended that when checking, it is best to put on the convenient clothes, shoes, etc. Essence

Many people have to do yin super, the whole person is not good, and feels embarrassing, and is worried about gynecological diseases. In fact, the ultrasound is very safe. Doctors will disinfect it and wear corresponding inspection appliances. The action is relatively soft, and you don't have to worry about miscarriage, but you still need to understand some precautions.

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