Today, Valentine's Day!Passion moment, don't forget to do "measures"

Today, Valentine's Day!Passion moment, don't forget to do "measures"

Today is February 14, Western Valentine's Day. How can I be able to spend the annual Valentine's Day? After get off work, I will love people, eat a meal, watch the movie, and then have a sweet two world. However, Xiaobian wants to remind everyone: Passion moment, can not forget to do contraceptive measures!

There are many ways to contraception, but some contraception is actually unreliable, such as safe contraception, such as ejaculation, so if you have not done a born child, you must choose a reliable contraception.

Condom contraceptive

A condom contraception is a very high yield. It can not only have effective contraception, but also prevent some sexual behavior to disseminate the effect of dissemination, it can be described as two. However, everyone must use it correctly when using the condom, first choose a regular purchase channel to purchase qualified products, followed by the purchase of condoms suitable for yourself, the third use of condoms at the beginning of sex, while still Repeated use should be avoided.

2. Contraceptive contraception

Contraceptives are also a contraceptive way of application rate. Commonly used contraceptives have three kinds of contraceptives, long-acting oral contraceptives and emergency contraceptives, and the people who are suitable for each contraceptive are different. Everyone must take carefully, especially emergency contraceptives, must be used within 72 hours, and it is not recommended to take it.

3. Contraceptive

For some married, there is no pregnancy plan, it can take the upper ring to carry out contraception, which can play long-term contraception. However, women on the ring should regularly go to the hospital to review, and take it in a timely manner according to the physical condition and the use of contraceptives.

4. Loon

Lating is also an effective contraception, suitable for couples who don't plan to have children. Lonishing two ways of male ligation and female ligation, it is recommended to choose according to their specific circumstances.

Eat, send flowers, watch movies, make up your lover ... Is your Valentine's savings plan? Remind you to people, passion moments, don't forget to do "measures".

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