Women's menstrual wash, not only injured, not to cause cancer?Reminder: These five things can't be done during menstruation.

Women's menstrual wash, not only injured, not to cause cancer?Reminder: These five things can't be done during menstruation.

"Isn't it told you, don't take a shower, you have to be mad, I am satisfied!"

"Mom, put away your old set of thought, modern people do not wash their heads during the time, no more than one week." Lulu was impatient.

Lulu is a gorgeous girl who is publishing, likes to pursue freedom, unrestrained, but the gap between the ideas between the mother will often cause some contradictions, let her worry. This is not, wash a head, Duo mother, started a daily "唠".

"You don't take serious things. I didn't have a good month. Now I left a disease." Luo mother suffered his heart to persuade: "You Zhao Aunt said, the girl is easy to get sick, will also cause cancer , In the end of the daughter of Li Ayi, how good children are only 26 years old. "

After listening to my mother, Luo also was silent. In fact, the contradiction between the mother and a female is to make this view of the menstruation. From the perspective of medical perspective, women do have some taboos during the menstruation, and the worry of the mother is worried.

What is the truth, let Xiaoxiao take you together to understand?

First, can't you take a bath?

As a woman, there is always a few days a few days, and the arrival of menstruation will not only cause the body's discomfort, but also affect life. In addition, the speech of "menstruation can't wash the head" in the female group, and many women are very worried about the arrival of menstrual period. What is this saying?

Women can't take a shower during the menstrual period, the saying of shampoo is actually the last time, from the perspective of medicine, this statement does not practice.

China's medical technology and medical knowledge reserves are relatively slow in the world. In the early people, they are not understanding medicine, and the acceptance is not high.

And female menstrual privacy topics are often not in the "medical content", but they combine with mystery, demon, god monsters, and even think that menstruation is a filthy thing, and it is not mentioned, and therefore, early women embrace doctors. severe.

Due to the lack of corresponding medical knowledge, people are difficult to wash their men's menstrual period, and they are difficult to explain, they have to be hooked with menstruation.

In fact, in the early days, people will use river water, river, water, water quality, and the health environment is not high, especially women's long hair, more likely to accumulate floating things in river water, debris, etc., there are many diseases. The factor is a role. Since then, under the action of traditional concepts, women will gradually believe in the scriptures that will be sick during the menstruation.

Second, can you take a bath?

From the perspective of medical perspective, there is no evidence in this stage to clearly point out that women can take a bath in the menstrual period or can not take a bath, that is, wash all the best.

In fact, from a healthy point of view, women often affect life due to pain during the period, if they are taking a bath, the shampoo is relaxed, and the confidence is established, maybe also help to relieve pain, the most important thing is that although the menstruation is not a contamination product, but It does need to clean up in time, so the menstrual bathing or wiping is also helpful to maintain neat and prevent disease.

Special reminder: patients with special diseases are best consulting doctors, taking a bath, shampoo, such as: patients with anemia during menstruation, due to the influence of menstrual bleeding, the symptoms will increase, generally not recommended to take a bath, there is also a specific situation. Analysis, it is not possible.

Third, menstruation washing, not only injured and carcinogeneous?

In addition to not wash the head, there are also some rumors that will describe the consequences of the shampoo in the menstruation, such as: Washing the head in the menstrual period, also causing cancer.

This saying is that women will have a rise in temperature during menstruation, and they will have irritation when they are bathed, resulting in incomplete shrinkage of the uterus, leading to menstruation that cannot be completely excluded, and some remain in the body, and the long life will be disordered. Even caused hormone secretion abnormalities, and may also cause other gynecological diseases, even cancer, such as uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, etc.

Menstruation is actually a marker of female genital organ development. Since then, the endometrium is falling off with the periodic changes in the ovarian, which is the menstruation that people say.

Liu Zhefen, researcher, China Preventive Medicine Association, said that women's body temperature does change with menstruation periodic changes, but determine the temperature change is not an external temperature and environmental change, but is closely related to women's ovulation cycle.

Some women have no special reactions during the menstrual period, but some people have pain due to partial parts, endocrine changes, such as breast pain, uterine shrink pain, headache, etc., some patients will also be due to endometrium The cavity wound is infected, suffering from vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, cold, etc., but notes the carcinogenesis in the period is not established.

Fourth, pay attention: These five things can't be done during menstruation

The facts are better than the eloquence, women can't wash their heads during the menstrual period, and the taking a bath is purely rumors. It doesn't matter in medicine. However, women during the menstrual period have declined, and the resistance is not as good as usual, so there are 5 pieces. It is really a taboo and cannot be done.

1. Drink, drink tea

Alcohol is damaged by the human body, while women during menstruation, the enzyme activity in the in vivo metabolic alcohol will decline, and the ability to deal with alcohol is not as good as usual, so drinking is more easily drunk during menstruation, the body is also the largest. In addition, alcohol will stimulate the inner wall of the blood vessel, accelerate the blood circulation, and may increase the amount of moonlight.

The tannac acid contained in the tea will combine a precipitate in the human body and the iron element, affect the human body absorption iron element, so no matter whether it is anemia, or during menstruation, there must be less tea, especially strong tea.

2. Swimming, spa, bathing

Menstruation is a "mature" sign of women. At this time, the female reproductive system is to exclude blood, so the cervix is ​​open, which means that women at this time is the lowest.

Therefore, in the water environment of swimming, hot springs, bath, bathing, and harmful substances, harmful substances are more likely to enter the human body, causing disease.

3. Surgery and blood donation

Some women often have anemia, pelvic bleeding during menstruation, so in the process of surgery, due to the decline of coagulation, the patient's wound is also very difficult to recover, and the wounds are more likely to increase the amount of bleeding.

Therefore, in addition to surgery, blood donation, in addition to surgery, blood donation, it is necessary to avoid avoiding invasive examination.

4. Cycling

During the menstrual period, the womb's uterus, pelvic, vulva may be congested, becoming more sensitive, fragile, so it will cause damage to accidents or ride for more time.

5. Sexuality

In terms of life, life can lead to pregnancy, and because of intimate contact between men and women, it is more likely to cause bacteria invasion. If it is cleaned up, it is easy to trigger all kinds of diseases, and the risk is relatively large.

The menstrual period is a feminine "little difficult", female friends should maintain a pleasant mood, learn to keep warm, let menstruation, relieve stress. Keep healthy meals and sufficient sleep, so that your body has enough energy and time to recover.

In modern society, female friends must establish a correct understanding and concept of the human body, and do not blindly listen to rumors and harm their health.


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