25 National Shou Village Diet Tips

25 National Shou Village Diet Tips

When you see the words "longevity", many people's eyes will definitely be one. Most people think that those old people who live to 100 years old are still unknown. Among them, what kind of food they eat is particularly important. Today, there is a person to spend a full 25 years, replacing 25 countries around the world, visiting the dietary secrets of 61 long life areas. He is a famous Japanese Longevity, and the World Health Organization's Circular Authority Dr. Wusheng. Recently, in the latest Chinese version of the "Healthy Longevity Diet Guide", he disclosed the secret of "longevity food" with scientific attitude, known as "the most authoritative life diet survey" in history. "

"Longevity travel" lasted for 25 years

On the "Longevity Map" of the family, there are many freshmen, such as Ecuador's "Bilkaba", Tanzania's "Handi"; there are many places we are familiar, such as China's Xinjiang Hetian and Okinawa in Japan. From 1983 to 2008, under the funding of the World Health Organization, the Fortuna's footprints were all over 61 regions around the world. In his words, these more than 20 years, finally let him understand one thing, that is "Why is someone longevity, someone is short-lived, resulting in this decisive factor in this difference - eat.

Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Cuisine Association, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, College of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering, China Agricultural University, has a special respect for the family. She told reporters: "The biggest advantage of this book is that the face is not going to learn, asking you to eat like this, but by bringing you to the world's longevity village travel, tell you the longevity can pass many kinds of diet Implementation. "

In the eyes of the family, the real "longevity diet" is not like some people say something, absolutely don't eat. In these Changshou Villages he survey, some places have been very healthy, but some people don't have a heart disease, but the opposite is that many people eat fish is very short. Pursuing these questions, he unveiled longevity without relying on one or several foods, but depends on how you put these food secrets.

"Secret" for longevity and short life

After the survey, the family has summarized the "secret" of the following longevity and short life.

How can I eat longevity? In general, people eat more meat, the cholesterol content in the blood is high, they will block the blood vessels to trigger heart disease. The cholesterol content of the Georgian blood in the Georgian who loves meat is not high, and the death rate of heart disease is very low, and there are many centenarians. The reason is that the way they eat meat is very unique: after cooking the meat, remove fat, only eat the most abundant meat of protein. When you eat plum, you can use a smooth blood vessel. You have to match a lot of vegetables such as celery, and they have a strong antioxidant effect, which is the hero. In addition, locals liked to chew the skin and seeds together, and the grape skin contained a large amount of food fibers, the unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants in the grape seeds enabled the effect of cholesterol.

France is also a typical country that can grow longevity, the secret is that the wine they drink contains a large number of polyphenols, which prevents cholesterol in the human body to be oxidized, blocking blood vessels. Polyphenols and alcohol are combined together more stable, which is easily absorbed by the human body. In addition, it was found that the amount of taurine in the French human body was particularly high. Squid, octopus and various fish and shellfish, as well as the animal's internal organs with the most food containing taurine, the more the human intake is more, the more it is not easy to suffer from myocardial infarction.

How to control blood pressure? As we all know, eating salt is an important reason for the rise of blood pressure. In addition to reducing the amount of salt, you can learn more mineral water. Mineral water contains a lot of magnesium and calcium, which can help excessively excreted excess salt, thereby reducing blood pressure. There are also Japanese Okinawa people who like to eat tofu for salt halides taken from the sea, which contains certain magnesium. African Tanzania Marseillers crushed the corn and wheat shells into staple food, including a large amount of food fiber and potassium. Studies have shown that potassium and magnesium can function as neutralizing sodium, and the blood pressure increased from sodium and blood vessel damage.

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