What is the longevity?

What is the longevity?

John Hopkins University School of Medicine found that hearing a good old man, longevity than hearing-damaged peers. Nearly 1,700 ages with surveys over 70 years old, people with listening losses in the next few years are 21% to 39% higher than normal.

The research team has complied with a continuous US government health survey data, and the 1700 US old people have accepted a listening test. Among them, 589 participants have mild hearing loss, 550 people have a medium hearing loss, and the remaining 527 people are normal. The results show that although the elderly in the presence of hearing injuries do have other health problems, including smoking, drinking and other bad habits, as well as the higher incidence of diseases such as heart disease and stroke. However, even after the researchers have considered the above factors, the risk of death in the next six years is still high than the normal hearing.

Researchers believe that listening barriers are not just part of normal aging, which will allow old people to avoid out, reduce social activities, separation from real life, which will cause their physical health to a certain extent. , Memory and thinking skills have declined, which leads to an increase in death.

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