What can the ear grow longer?

What can the ear grow longer?

Many people can look horizontally, can see a person's physical condition from hand grain, but there are more biometrics compared to hands, people's faces can help us understand the health of the body, such as people. Ear length. In a scientific research project, the researchers took 50 elderly people over the age of 80 and found that their ears have two features. The ear big and longevity does have a certain relationship with the ear is a "activity" that our daily life is often going. It is not only to clean, but also very comfortable, enjoyable.

What is the longevity longevity

The first feature is the ear profile.

The average person's ear should be flattened, and below the nose is flat. The length of the auricle, the scientific calculation method should be from the ear to the earlobe. General adult's ear an average length is 5 to 8 cm. However, the 50 longevity elderly people who have been investigated, from the earlings at the highest, the auricle has a greater than cm, and the longer the life, the longer the ear, the two hundred people's auricle's auricle has 8.4 cm and 8.5 cm.

The second feature is that the earlobe is large.

The earlobe is the lowest point from the ear screen to the ear. Generally, the unenual earlings is 1-2.5 cm, but the longevity old man's earlin length is at least 1.8 cm or more, and thick and soft. Among the 50 longevity old people surveyed, 8 people in the earlobe of 1.8-2.5 cm, 39 people in 2.6-3 cm, 3 people in 3.1-3.2 cm, are the old people over 90 years old.

The above number tells us that the ear is long, and the earlinning is a longevity character. We can go back to observe those longevity, and we will find that their auricle has these two characteristics. We called "longevity earde" with earlings and earlings. However, it must be noted that the ear is long, the earlobe is only one of the longevity characteristics. The longevity ear is generally long, but the people with long ears are not necessarily longer, and the people with short ears are not necessarily a short life. Because of longevity or not, it is necessary to combine the color form of the ear and a variety of life signs in other parts.

The length of the ear is just one of the useful clues. Chinese medicine pays attention to "unruly", in addition to the length of the ears, there are other features, such as thick and thin problems, thick thinner; soft and hard problems, soft hardship; The problem of Zhang, the race is good; the problem of color, the color of the ear is bright, and it is better than the dim. To combine the various color forms of the ear itself to make accurate judgment. Moreover, everyone has a five senses, but not only longevity in the face, but there are more than twenty life characteristics, we also have to compare each of the ear characteristics and other officials, and the conclusion reliable.

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