"Spring cold" is coming!Beware of cardiovascular disease

"Spring cold" is coming!Beware of cardiovascular disease

"Spring cold" is coming, after the human body is stimulated by low temperature, it is easy to sympathetic, the whole body capillary contraction, spasm, slow blood flow, blood stasis, and leads to insufficient coronary blood supply, ischemic hypoxia, and accelerates thrombosis The formation is formed to induce myocardial infarction or cerebral infarction; blood vessel shrinks, increase blood pressure.

This will cause the heroic pressure, which will cause the bleeding brain in the wind, the main symptoms are language disorders, vision impairment, half-length, etc., very dangerous.

Why will "reverse the cold" will lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases?

First, the spring heavens and the earth are all in the yang, the yang of the people also gave birth. Yangqi hair, belonging to the wood, it should be in the liver. If the liver is blind, the human gas is moved outwardly.

Suddenly in spring, the cold is hurt, and the cold is hurt. It is a yang that is yang; the cold is the evil, the cold is closed, which will affect the state of yang.

Second, the heart of the heart. The blood is very smooth, and the temperature is needed and promoted. The elderly people are proud, and it is easy to cause the cold and evil.

Third, the cold, the most, can most affect the vitality. The elderly is weak, and it is easier to affected.

Fourth, the heart is less yin, cardiovascular diseases are more perfect. Less Yin is the capital, less yin yang, then the evil is easy to trapily trapped, which in turn causes less hymological disease. Cold evil is the major evil spirits caused by small or medium. Prevent small or medium, first cold.

"Spring cold" is coming! Beware of cardiovascular disease:

First, patients and family should pay great attention to the aforementioned signs of stroke, such as fainting, yawning, headache, and weak hands and feet are weak, and it is necessary to take measures as soon as possible.

In addition, when the temperature drops, people should pay attention to the warmth of the elderly, focus on their attention, face (mouth and nose), warm knee, because these parts are particularly sensitive to cold stimulation. In terms of diet, it is advisable to eat more food that can warm the yang and help the yang. If you should eat some flavor, it is a food that enters the lungs. Wennergy supplementation Yang, Xin Can diverge, into the lungs, can make the sweat hole of the fur, and help the evil spirits of cold wet.

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