Kamatini rolled in Boao, bringing accurate treatment for patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Kamatini rolled in Boao, bringing accurate treatment for patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Recently, Novarta treatment of non-small cell lung cancer drug TabRecta (Kamatini, Capmatinib) has successfully approved the application of special medical institutions in Hainan Boao Le City International Medical Tourism First, which is the MET exon 14 (Metex14). ) The metastatic non-small cell lung cancer patients with jumping mutations brings the prestance to global synchronization to help patients extend their lives.

Ms. Fang Sabel Afonso, General Manager, Novatt, said: "TabRecta (Kamata, Capmatinib) first tries first in the first line of Hainan Boao Le City, not only Novarta and Le Chengxiao from 2018 Since August, cooperation has been committed to further achievement of more Chinese patients, and is the best embodiment of Novartis Tumor (China) 'patients, leading to win' motto. "

The incidence of lung cancer, Metex14 traditional treatment benefits

Primary lung cancer is a common malignant tumor worldwide. According to the World Health Organization International Cancer Research Institute (IARC), "2020 global latest cancer burden data" is displayed, China's lung cancer morbidity and death rate rank first in the world, Lung cancer is also the first large number of cancer in China. China's Chinese lung cancer has reached nearly 820,000, ranking first in various cancer seeds, and the number of lung cancer has exceeded 710,000, accounting for 23.8% of the total number of cancer deaths.

Current clinical practice shows that the main gene mutations in lung cancer include EGFR, Alk, Her2, Ros1, Met 14 exon (Metex14) jumping mutation, BRAF, KRAS, RET, etc. The study found that METEX14 jumping mutation was about 3% -4% in advanced non-small cell lung cancer, and is considered to be carcinogenic drive mutations in non-small cell lung cancer. At the same time, METEX14 jumping mutation is related to the non-performing preparation of the disease, and the survival is worse than the patient without Met mutation. At present, METEX14 non-small cell lung cancer traditional treatment such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, multi-target TKI (tyrosine kinase inhibitor), etc., the efficacy is limited.

Camatini efficiently inhibits Metex14 jump mutation, providing new choices for combined treatment

Met mutation or amplification is one of the attention hotspots in the treatment of lung cancer. The Molecular Mechanism of the Metex14 hopping is mainly Metex14 jump, causing the C-CBL tyrosine binding site to be lost, thereby causing the proteasome-mediated MET protein decrease rate to reduce the MET signal, and ultimately leads to tumors. This approved NovartiniB is a powerful, oral, selective, ATP competitive C-MET kinase inhibitor, with high selectivity to C-MET, can effectively inhibit C-MET Dependicular tumor cell proliferation and migration, and can effectively induce apoptosis and have anti-tumor activity. The METEX 14 has the highest inhibitory force compared to other C-MET inhibitors.

Currently, Geometry Mono-1, which is designed to assess the efficacy and safety of Capmatinib in patients with Met abnormal late non-small cell lung cancer: CapmatiniBs for preliminary The total effective rate (ORR) of patients reached 65.6%, and it has received 51.6% of the treatment patient orr. Professor Wu Yilong, Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, pointed out: "Kamatini is the first MET high-specific inhibitor that enters China and clinical research. Geometry Mono-1 At the 2021 ASCO Conference, the latest research shows that Kamatini The effective rate of the treatment Metex14 jumping mutation is 66.7% and 44%, respectively, the medium total survival time (OS) is 20.8 months and 13.6 months, respectively.

In addition, Novarta Mimteni United Jelists (NCT01610336) or the world's first clinical study of combined MET inhibitors after exploring EGFR-TKI drug resistance. Professor Wu Yilong emphasized: "For overall, the patient's tolerance is good, and it also observes that it also has a certain effect on brain transfer. This result makes us convinced that MET amplification resistance can be inhibited by EGFR targeting drugs and MET inhibition The combined treatment strategy of the agent is overcome. "

Promote the "Dongfeng" to promote, innovate Camatini

Since May 2020, Novarta Kamnib has been batch in the United States, Japan, China Hong Kong, Switzerland, Brazil, Singapore and other countries and regions, and as the international guide of lung cancer, it is recommended for Metex14 exon jump. Treatment of small cell lung cancer. This landing area of ​​Hainan Boao Le City International Medical Tourism is a leading and reform in Hainan's trade-wide policy, Le City's first-end district has become an important channel for the international market to enter the Chinese market, more and more Many Chinese patients do not have to go to overseas medical treatment, you can use the latest innovative drugs around the world.

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