"Hong Kong and Macao Medicine" benefit the people's breast cancer innovation drugs Alpelisib approved the introduction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau

"Hong Kong and Macao Medicine" benefit the people's breast cancer innovation drugs Alpelisib approved the introduction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau

Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Bay District, "Hong Kong and Macao Pharmaceutical Pass" policy implements good news: Novarta treatment of advanced breast cancer PIQRAY (alpelisib) successfully approved the Shenzhen University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Shenzhen Hospital, can be global Synchronization benefits from innovative drugs. The approved Novarta Alpelisib is the world's first, and the only approved in the treatment of hormone receptor (HR) is currently used overseas.

It is reported that Alpelisib is a new hopes that have an urgent need for innovative breast cancer that have been introduced after the pilot, meets the urgent needs of patients with breast cancer, and bringing new hope for Chinese patients.

For this ALPELISIB quickly approved for the designated hospital in Guangdong, Macau, General Manager of Novarta Tumor (China) said, "Hong Kong and Macao Medical Technology" policy is implemented, so that Guangdong Hong Kong, Macau, China, China More patients have the opportunity to use upper Novartis to treat breast cancer. Alpelisib. I believe that with the continuous advancement of 'Hong Kong and Macao Pharmaceuticals' New Deal, innovative pharmaceutical supervision methods and cooperation models will benefit more Chinese patients. "

Alpelisib fills the treatment of breast cancer PIK3CA mutations

Breast cancer is a tumor with the highest incidence of female group in my country. 70% of these patients are HR + / HER2-breast cancer, and PIK3CA is one of the common mutations in HR + / HER2-subtype breast cancer. China's research data shows that 49.3% of PIK3CA were mutated in patients with HR + / HER2-breast cancer. Many basic and clinical studies have suggest that PIK3CA mutations can cause abnormal activation of PI3K / Akt / MTOR pathways to stimulate the proliferation, transfer, and invasion of tumors, and is not good with the treatment, poor prognosis, or internal secretion of drug resistance, thus Challenging.

Alpelisib is the first advanced breast cancer for HR + / HER2-, PIK3CA mutations, which is oral small molecule alpha-specific I-phosphatic acidin-3-kinase (PI3K) inhibitor, breast cancer carrying a PIK3CA gene mutation. The ability to inhibit the PI3K pathway is shown in the cell line and has the effect of inhibiting cell proliferation.

According to data, the earliest pan-PI3K inhibitor is limited, and the toxicity is large. Alpelisib acts as a new PI3K inhibitor, a specifically targeted T3Kα subtype. The results of the International Multi-center Random Double-Blind III Clinical Study show that the PI3K inhibitor Alpelisib combined flussssi can significantly improve the non-progressive survival (PFS) of Pik3ca mutations (PFS), the median total survival (OS) extension 7.9 months, especially in patients with visceral metastasis and CTDNA detectable PIK3CA mutation more obvious. The Alpelisib fracto-like group is a good treatment option for PIK3CA mutation patients.

"Hong Kong and Macao Pills" continues to advance, more patients use innovative drugs

AlpelisiB and other global anti-cancer new drugs can quickly obtain approximately invested in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, and the implementation of the "Hong Kong and Macao Medical Technology" policy. "Hong Kong and Macao Medical Technology" policy is systematic, integrity, synergistic reform and innovation, not only in the region across Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, but also involves import approval, overseas procurement, import customs clearance, storage and distribution, clinical use, etc. . Among them, since August 2021, "The Interim Provisions on the Management of the Mainland of Guangdong Province, Macau Danalwan District," The Interim Provisions on the Management of Harbor and Macao Medical Devices "," Guangdong Provincial Health and Health Committee Office on approved the first batch of medical institutions in the first batch of mainland in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Notice, "Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Danzan District, in the past, the release of Hong Kong and Macao drug medical equipment use assessment expert library management measures (trial)", providing a system guarantee for the expansion implementation of the 9th city of Dawan District, but also let Chinese patients in China can take advantage of the international standard in Shenzhen Hospital, Hong Kong, Shenzhen Hospital, and enjoy the latest treatment plan.

Alpelisib is the only PI3K inhibitor that is uniquely approved by breast cancer indications in Europe and is approved in Hong Kong in December 2020. This time passed the "Hong Kong and Macao Pills" policy, Alpelisib can be used in Shenzhen Hospital, Hong Kong, which brings new treatment to the mainland PIK3CA mutation HR + advanced patients, and medical staff can also accumulate more clinical treatment experience. In order to speed up the application of innovation drugs and landing.

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