Who is said that pancreatic cancer is "king of cancer", three characteristics, let the doctor headache

Who is said that pancreatic cancer is "king of cancer", three characteristics, let the doctor headache

Pancreatic cancer is called "king of cancer", is not wary. Patients with pancreatic cancer is very short, very difficult, and mortality is far higher than other cancers, and it is difficult. At present, diagnosis of pancreatic cancer includes physical examination, blood test, imaging examination, and biological testing. Pancreatic cancer has a high degree of malignancy, it is difficult to find, easy to transfer, difficult to treat three characteristics.

Difficult to find

It is difficult to find the early days of pancreatic cancer. At the beginning, even if there is a symptom of abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, fatigue, and it is difficult to let people think of pancreatic cancer, and may even think just simple indigestion. In addition, since the pancreas is extremely concealed, the lack of abdominal cavity is small, the volume is small and the gastrointestinal tract and the kidney are surrounded by the general conventional inspection, and it is impossible to see and feel tumor. There is often no symptoms that are often not symptoms before cancer become very large or prior to spreading to other organs.

And the diagnosis of the pancreas is not a routine examination. The average person will not be special, and the price of the pancreas is also expensive, and the patient's acceptance is lower. Therefore, pancreatic cancer is usually discovered later, it is already late.

Easy to transfer

Pancreatic cancer has grown faster, the interaction of tumor cells and extracellular matrices is the main cause of invasive metastasis. The pancreatic cancer cells affect the internal and surrounding fibroblasts in the tumor, so that the fibroblast reshaping the matrix, and Other invasive cancer cells interact, thereby enhancing the invasion of tumor tissue. In addition, the pancreatic blood vessels, lymphatic, and the pancreas themselves are incomplete, usually in the early stage, and the surrounding tissue organs are usually violated.

Difficult treatment

Controlling the development of tumors, reducing the symptoms of patients, and improving the quality of survival in patients with pancreatic cancer is an important goal of treating pancreatic cancer. It is difficult to treat because pancreatic cancer has been discovered. Possible treatments include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy. Targeting therapy to use drugs or other substances to attack specific cancer cells, and small damage to normal cells.

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