In the 14 years of red inuts, this disease is careful!

In the 14 years of red inuts, this disease is careful!

"I got this disease, I can't walk, I can't see something, and there is no way to type, every minute is difficult."

"I have just graduated from college at the age of 22, I was read by schools, and the future was brightly burn to 'casting'. It continued to low-fever in three months, and finally found to have systemic erythema. Lupus. "Fang Fang had to regret the choice of dropping, the medical record is getting thinner, the body from the kidney to the liver, then from the heart to the bones, there is no place, and now she is fragile, she is in the style of the year Candles, one blow.

Sitting in the wheelchair said faintly, "If I don't have this disease at that time, I should be able to rely on my own efforts to be based on the society."

In my country, there are millions of Chinese and Fangfang's systemic erythematosus patients, and there are nearly 60% of people who have no persistence of persistent conditions, at any time, half of the people Organs will occur permanent damage ...

Female is more likely to be systemic erythrocide into the body and future

It is reported that systemic lupus erythematosus is as well-known rheumatoids, belongs to autoimmune diseases, and the "unanimous-to-external" immune system begins "hidden outside the way", and attacks their own organizations, because it may produce A variety of antibodies, resulting in the systemic lupus erythematosus, from the skin, mucosa, joint, to all internal organs, including heart, liver, lung, kidney, nervous system, blood system, almost no place can be complete Exemption in the accumulated range.

More skilled is that its main pathogenesis is concentrated in 15-45 years old, and the systemic erythrotus is caused by other rheumatoid diseases. Professor Li Tianwang, director of the Rheumat Tematic Immunology, Guangdong Provincial Second People's Hospital, introduced that about 40% of the systemic lupus erythematosus will have an organ damage within 1 year, and the general patient will have permanent organ damage within 5 years, and the risk of death is the ordinary person 3 Double, died of secondary infection 5 times more than ordinary people, because the risk of kidney disease is dangerous is 8 times that of ordinary people.

"Every systematic lupus erythematosus work, marriage, fertility is a problem in front of them. Repeated attacks can make a patient from Fenghua Zhengmao to full of sore." Li Tianwang said, due to each systemic lupus The patient is different, the first symptoms of the occurrence may not be the same, such as fever, nephritis, rash, joint pain, etc., no performance is all patients, so there is often a missed diagnosis, "propose each Patients When there is an unknown reason, rash or joint pain, multiple organ damage, to the rheumatoid immunocereology of the regular hospital seek the diagnosis and treatment of professional doctors. "

After 60% of systemic lupus erythematosus, the disease still continues to act or repeatedly

In recent years, systemic lupus erythematosus has been mature, with mainly glucocorticoids, antimalarial and immunosuppressive agents.

Professor Li Tianwang, introduced that hormones are critical to systemic lupus erythematosus, but it is also necessary to prevent side effects of hormone. First, use hormones for a long time, the appearance of the patient will change, such as overall weakness, full moon face, buffalo back, long Bouu, Chang Aciole, etc., it can cause serious digestive tract problems, such as digestive tract perforation, affecting the metabolism of the osteoarthrosis, such as osteoporosis, and use hormones, high blood pressure, steroid diabetes.

"Even in regular medication, there are still nearly 60% of patients to effect poor or disease." Professor Li Tianwang pointed out that the systemic erythrotic lupus patients faced the "recurrence-relief" and long-term drug accumulation of diseases. Double injury risk.

It is reported that luck is, July last July, FDA, the first approved Bioli You monk against the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus, the listing approval of the China National Drug Administration. "It is mainly to inhibit hypertrophy of B cells, induce apoptosis of self-reactive B cells, thereby reducing self-antibodies in serum, achieving the purpose of treating systemic lupus." Professor Li Tianwang said, since the end of September 2019, There have been 200 systemic erythrotic lupus patients in Guangdong Province, which proven to help patients with traditional treatment to achieve mitigation, and can also protect long-term organ protection; reduce hormone dosage, severe infection rate low, overall safety It is quite with placebo.

Systemic lupus erythiosus patients have heavy economic burden, poor patients can apply for assistance

Generally systemic lupus erythematosus requires lifelong medication, once the condition repeatedly causes organ damage, the medical expenses that need to be paid can be large, "for example severe lupus nephritis, it takes long-term blood lotus, one month overhead Tens of thousands of yuan will be required together. "Professor Li Tianwang explained.

It is reported that the new biological targeted preparation Beilee monk is about 10,000 yuan, the first cost is about 10,000 yuan, the first three times need to be injected once, but it can be injected once a month. For the family that has long caused to poor, due to illness It is a small burden. To this end, after the new drug is listed, GSK has joined the Chinese Junior Health Health Foundation launched the "Di Lixi" systemic erythematosus patients public welfare assistance project.

The first one, obtaining the county / district-level civil affairs department recognized the urban low-compassion / rural specialty systemic erythrotic lupus patients, and the three projects in 20 cities across the country, suitable for accepting Beilee Anti-treatment, After the audit is adopted by the project, it is necessary to assist in the treatment of 8 treatments for free, such as follow-up, you need to use four dosages at your own expense, apply for assistance, free to give four treatments, follow-up Program loop application. The second low-income patient, you need to complete the 4 times of Baileyoui anti-treatment first, after the audit, can be used for free 4 treatment, follow-up to press this scenario.

Fangfang is one of the beneficiaries of the project. Due to the participation of the "Gully New Students" public welfare project, Fang Fang was carried out from the 5th needle to the 8th needle for 4 times. Fang Fang thanked this public welfare program to help her, in April 2019, her father's brain is hospitalized. The economic situation in the family has already had a crisis, and her treatment is just a bit of color, if she can't afford medical expenses, she does not Know that you can still have a recurrence.

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