The 26 -year -old woman confirmed gastric cancer and reminded: 3 kinds of foods for a long time in the refrigerator, or cancer "accomplice"

The 26 -year -old woman confirmed gastric cancer and reminded: 3 kinds of foods for a long time in the refrigerator, or cancer "accomplice"

"I took it out of the refrigerator and looked at it. The food didn't seem to be bad, so I didn't care, I didn't expect to hurt myself."

Ms. Zhang, 26, rented a house by herself. She had a habit to like to put all the food in the house in the refrigerator, but she was a audit, often traveling on a business trip, and sometimes half a month before going home.

After returning home, I rarely clean up the refrigerator. As long as I do n’t see any corrupted and deteriorated ingredients, I ’m reluctant to throw them into my belly.

For a while, Ms. Zhang often had the upper abdomen, abdominal pain, and nausea, but she thought it was too tired. In addition, she was not good at her stomach. She didn't care if she was going to rest.

Recently, Ms. Zhang had symptoms of nausea and vomiting, which was a bit uneasy. She went to the hospital for gastroscopy. It was found that there was a 2cm × 3cm tumor in the stomach. The pathology of the biopsy was confirmed to be cancerous, and gastric cancer was diagnosed.

The doctor combined with Ms. Zhang's living habits analysis, speculating that the cause of cancer is related to the long -term food of the refrigerator. It may be that food has deteriorated, long -term accumulation, and eventually cause cancer.

This made Ms. Zhang regret it, but now it is too late.


1. The refrigerator is not a "safety box", beware of delicious and poisonous drugs

Many people in life use the refrigerator as a safe. Regardless of the three seven twenty -one, the ingredients are thrown directly into the refrigerator. It is not easy to break. In fact, not all foods are suitable for putting in the refrigerator, and it may be harmful to the human body for a long time. All reminds everyone: Do not rely on the refrigerator too much, use it wrong, and the refrigerator may also become cancer. Enter the refrigerator, beware of delicious poison.

The sealing green leaf vegetables: If the surface is water, the surface is not drained, and the refrigerator is directly sealed, especially the leafy vegetables. The physiological activity is high, and it is easy to breed bacteria and rot.

Tomatoes and unsuspicious fruits: Tomatoes should not be placed in the refrigerator. The low temperature can "frozen" genes related to aromatic substances, which affects its flavor. Continuously in an unkained state, even if it is stored at the normal temperature, it will soon be corrupted.

Powder -like and dry food: If this kind of food is put in the refrigerator, it may not only affect the flavor but also moldy because the sealing is not strict caused by the strict sealing of the refrigerator.

If the above three types of foods are stored in the refrigerator, it is easy to be corrupted and deteriorated. If you accidentally eat it by accident, it can increase the risk of gastric cancer.

According to 2020 cancer data, there are about 1.2 million new gastric cancer every year in the world, and my country accounts for 2/5. The occurrence of gastric cancer is related to genetic, pylori infection, smoking, excessive drinking, lack of fresh vegetables and fruits and other factors. The error storage of refrigerators and the incidence of food cancer also play a role in gastric cancer.

Therefore, in order to prevent gastric cancer, for health, everyone must master the correct method when using the refrigerator.


Two, 3 things have doubled the bacteria of the refrigerator, don't do it anymore

There are many precautions to use the refrigerator. If these 3 details are not done well, it may increase the bacteria in the refrigerator:

1. The leftovers are placed in a row

Some people are used to putting leftovers and leftovers directly into the refrigerator. Sometimes there are too many left, and they can be placed directly on the plate. However, it is not only easy to cause food skewers, but also to breed bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to store and seal the fresh -keeping box separately.

2. Repeat the meat to thaw

At the moment when the frozen meat was taken out, the bacteria that were in a dormant state began to "wake up"; even if the frozen layer was put back, the bacterial breeding speed became slower, but the total amount has become more, and In the process of using it, not only the cell membrane of the meat will be destroyed, resulting in a significant decline in freshness, and also affected nutrition and flavor. It is recommended to cut the meat into an appropriate size after buying, and store it in a bag.

3. Unpacked food is not sealed

For example, drinking half of milk, seasoning sauce, etc. If you do not seal, cross -pollution is prone to occur, causing food to accelerate oxidation and deterioration. It is recommended that everyone must be closed, but the longest storage should not exceed 24-48 hours.

I don't want the refrigerator to double the bacteria. Friends with these three habits must be changed as soon as possible.


Third, the "invisible killer" is hidden in the refrigerator, these pathogenic bacteria cannot be ignored

The refrigerator is a closed environment. The rich nutritional ingredients in foods are easy to "hide" some bacteria, such as:

Listor: The easiest to breed in meat and milk. After infection, most of them have no obvious manifestations. Some can be manifested as fever, nausea, diarrhea, muscle soreness, etc. Severe severe complications such as meningitis and sepsis. It is important to emphasize that Liste bacteria have more obvious damage to those who have poor immune for the elderly, pregnant women, and newborns.

Salmonella: The most common among eggs and meat foods. After infection, patients often have food poisoning, typhoid fever, and sepsis.

Yelson bacteria: The easiest to breed in raw pork, infected people may have problems such as acute gastrointestinalitis, small bowel colitis, and sepsis. Shigaji: The most common among vegetables and fruits is one of the common germs of intestinal infections. After infection, it can be manifested as abnormalities such as fever, abdominal pain, and water -like.

These pathogenic bacteria can bring huge hidden dangers to health, so everyone should be vigilant and prevent prevention.

4. Use the refrigerator correctly, pay attention at 3 o'clock

Not cleaning inside the refrigerator will become the second largest pollution place in the family, which can bring hidden dangers to health, so you must learn the right refrigerator usage.

First of all, when using the refrigerator, it is best to classify the food and store it to separate the ripeness, so as to avoid skewers and cross -pollution as much as possible.

Secondly, the refrigerator should be cleaned regularly. The specific method is to cut off the power supply to clear the refrigerator first, and naturally thaw the cold hidden cabinet.

In addition, when storing food, the amount of storage should not be too much. When stacking the ingredients, it is necessary to leave a certain gap to avoid affecting the air conditioning cycle.

How to use the refrigerator is very particular about it. The wrong way of storage is not only not conducive to food preservation of food, but it will make bacteria a lot of reproduction and steal your health. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the correct use of the refrigerator in order to ensure health.

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