Awakening to patients with cerebral infarction: If you don’t pay attention to 4 misunderstandings, the cerebral infarction may be "rolled back"

Awakening to patients with cerebral infarction: If you don’t pay attention to 4 misunderstandings, the cerebral infarction may be "rolled back"

"This time, you are lucky, and you have run through this level, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable." The doctor told Uncle Wang again

"I walked in the Ghost Gate Pass, and I can be regarded as a long memory." Uncle Wang felt that he was facelessly faced with his children.

The 65 -year -old Uncle Wang was admitted to the hospital a few years ago. He was inspected and found that the right cerebellum and the left pillow -lobe cerebral infarction have been taken. Since then, he has been taking antiphafal drugs. Recently Money stopped the medicine without authorization. Whoever persuades does not use it, but it's something that stops.

On this day, Uncle Wang was alone at home, feeling dizzy, his right body was numb, and he couldn't lift his hands. He thought it was too tired to recover later, so he returned to the house to rest. During the rest, Wang Wang felt numb in his hands and feet, and he couldn't move his right side, and he couldn't speak. It wasn't until the child went home and sent him to the hospital to pick up his life.

What factors are affected by the recurrence of cerebral infarction?

1. What factors are easy to cause cerebral infarction?

Cerebral infarction refers to the lack of oxygen and ischemia due to local blood circulation disorders, causing local necrosis or softening of brain tissue, which causes clinical symptoms of neurological defects in the brain.

"China Stroke Prevention Report 2018" pointed out that the recurrence rate of patients with clinical strokes is as high as 40%, the development rate of cerebrovascular disease after 1 year, a recurrence rate of 25%after 2 years, and at least 30%later after 5 years, it is worthy of vigilance The risk and death risk of relapse patients are 9.4 times that of the first patient!

Song Yijun, the Department of Neurology of Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, once said that the root cause of the occurrence of cerebral infarction is that the local blood circulation disorders of the brain tissue, so any diseases that can cause blood circulation disorders that can cause brain tissue Porridge hardened.

It can be seen that common factors that lead to recurrence of cerebral infarction can be roughly listed in 10 categories, such as: hypertension, diabetes, heart disease (arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation), hyperlipidemia, obesity, smoking, lack of exercise, mental height Stress, unreasonable diet, unreasonable waist and hip ratio, and so on.

Second, 4 misunderstandings of cerebral infarction, how many do you step on?

The threat of cerebral infarction to human health is beyond doubt. Many elderly patients died quietly because of the inadequate treatment. This is because people have many misunderstandings about cerebral infarction. There are 4 misunderstandings.

Misunderstanding 1: Normal cerebrovascular examination, you will not suffer from cerebrovascular disease

Normal cerebrovascular examination can only be said that the risk of cerebrovascular disease is smaller, but it does not mean that it will not get cerebrovascular disease. Although cerebral vascular disease is related to brain blood vessels, cerebrovascular is not the only factor. As mentioned above, the cause of cerebral infarction may also be cardiac disease. Medical survey shows that one -fifth of cerebrovascular disease is related to heart disease. This shows that people with normal cerebral vascular examination may also suffer from cerebrovascular disease due to heart disease or other factors.

Misunderstanding 2: Aspirin can prevent any stroke

Aspirin, as a drug, must have its own effect, but the use of drugs cannot ignore individual differences, and not anyone can eat aspirin. Take a step back, there are many incentives of strokes. Its prevention and treatment need to consider comprehensive factors, instead of taking some drugs, some foods, or solving The guidance of professional doctors must be comprehensive treatment.

Misunderstanding 3: drugs are toxic, health products are safer

The drug needs to be clinically tested by the R & D institution before the listing, and it must also pass the layer inspection of the drug supervision department. In the end, it will reach the patient's hands. In contrast It is impossible to exceed the drug, so this statement is wrong. Not to mention, many health products are added to Chinese medicine, hormones, and unknown ingredients. These substances are difficult to control. If they are not careful, they will not be eaten. This has nothing to do with drug safety.

Misunderstanding 4: No need to take medicine if you are sick

Just as Uncle Wang at the beginning of the story, he stopped the medicine when he thought that the cerebral infarction was good. Who knew that he sent himself into the "ghost gate". In fact, "sickness" was sometimes just a surface phenomenon. The definition of ordinary people can only eat and move. The health of eliminating the root cause of the disease is not a concept. Once cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease occurs, the purpose of taking medicine is to cure the lesions on the cardiac and cerebral blood vessels inside the human body. Therefore, patients must follow the doctor's advice.

Third, do not want to make the upper body of the cerebral infarction.

To prevent cerebral infarction, you must control your mouth. As the saying goes: "Diseases come in from the mouth", many foods may become the cause of cerebrovascular disease. If you ca n’t control your mouth to eat and drink, the cerebral infarction will quietly entangle you. Don't eat these 5 types of food!

Alcohol: After entering the human body, alcohol will cause damage to the liver and kidney, gastrointestinal, but the biggest damage is that after entering the blood, the blood vessels will cause the inner wall damage and elasticity of the blood vessels. Quality is also easy to form thrombosis, increasing the risk of cerebral thrombosis and cerebral infarction. In addition, the stimulation of alcohol and changes in blood pressure can also change intracranial pressure and coagulation mechanisms, inducing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

High -salt food: Sodium ions are an indispensable component in the human body, but eating high -salt food for a long time is likely to lead to high sodium ions in the body. Excessive sodium ions accumulate in the blood will stimulate blood vessel smooth muscle cells, cause swelling, cause cause The blood pressure rises, and arterial plaques are affected by high blood pressure. In addition, high sodium may damage gastric mucosa and induce gastrointestinal diseases. High -fat food: A large amount of fat intake will increase the lipids in the human blood, such as: trans fatty acid, and this substance will accelerate vascular lesions. In addition, high -fat foods will increase the content of nitrite in the human body. Become a burden on cardiovascular, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

High -purine food: High purine has the title of "fourth high" beyond three highs. It is one of the universal health disorders that contemporary people need to be vigilant. It is also one of the high -risk factors of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Especially patients with ventilation and hyperuricemia.

High -sugar food: A large amount of sugar will not only increase the burden on blood vessels, but also induce risk of obesity and diabetes. Therefore, we must learn to control sugar intake, especially patients with coronary heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

Fourth, prevent cerebral infarction, do three things well

To prevent cerebral infarction, in addition to paying attention to the taboos in diet, we must also consider comprehensive consideration. From the root cause of cerebrovascular disease, these three things must be done well.

First of all, maintaining an appropriate amount of exercise can increase the vitality of the human body. The most important thing is to play a certain positive effect on the blood vessels, reduce obesity, reduce human fat, and choose soft on the general exercise method, such as jogging , Swimming, Tai Chi, Gymnastics or Yoga, which are suitable for you, 3-5 times a week, 30-60 minutes of exercise for 30-60 minutes, just pay attention to step by step.

Secondly, pay attention to the "two lows and three chemicals" in the diet, low salt, low lipids, and reduce the cause of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, be careful not to believe in the special effects of a certain food. Diverse with the type of ingredients.

Finally, maintain good living habits, pay attention to diet time in life, it is best to maintain a certain law. Do not easily break your rhythm of life. You must learn to improve sleep quality, balance work and life. The most important thing is to regulate yourself Emotion, improve mental state.

The brain is like the highest "commander" of the human body. Its health is directly related to a person's health and quality of life. Therefore, regardless of the symptoms, it cannot be easily ignored. The treatment of stroke or cerebral infarction cannot be sloppy. Xiao Miao here reminds everyone: the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases must be done early, and patients must follow the doctor's advice. Do not change the medicine and stop the medicine without authorization.

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