Cardiac stent surgery: Is it treating the disease or "lack of morality and harm"?Tell you the truth

Cardiac stent surgery: Is it treating the disease or "lack of morality and harm"?Tell you the truth

"Doctor, what should I do, my husband didn't breathe." Xiaoli hurriedly dialed the 120 phone, her voice trembled.

Mr. Liu was 48 years old. One day he suddenly woke up during his sleep and yelled and lost consciousness. After the wife woke up from her sleep, she touched her husband's nose without breathing.

Now his wife quickly gave him a cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and called the 120 emergency call at the same time. After Mr. Liu was taken to the hospital, the doctor initially judged that it was acute myocardial infarction. After that, the coronary angiography was found to have been found to be almost blocked, and there was a large thrombus in the blood vessels. The heart stent surgery needs to be performed immediately. Mr. Liu's coronary arteries after surgery were opened, and finally he was pulled back from the Ghost Gate.

Heart bracket surgery has played a vital role at all times, but in recent years, more and more spearheads point to the heart bracket. Some people say that the heart bracket is a lack of moral surgery, and it is abolished when it is released; others described that the profit of the heart bracket is beyond imagination, saying that it is a way for the hospital to obtain huge profits.

So, is the cardiac stent surgery, or is it a life -saving surgery or the lack of virtue surgery of the hospital?

1. "Crazy brackets" have been abused by many people

In 2012, Xinhua News Agency published an article directly pointing out the problem of abuse of the heart stent. According to an article, an executive of a company in Jinan was admitted to the hospital for myocardial infarction and was placed in 7 brackets before and after! It costs a total of 100,000 yuan. Even now, more than 100,000 is a big amount, let alone 2012?

As soon as the article came out, Mao Shuwei, then director of the Medical Engineering Department of Shandong Province, said that more than 3 or more cardiac stents lost their clinical significance. Open relationship.

In 2013, the rule of law published an article, "The Secret of the Heart Scholar Religion", and the premium of medical consumables is usually 5 times that of the factory price, and the atlas of the heart bracket can reach 8-9 times at the peak of the factory price.

Faced with the temptation of high rebates, some people did not stick to their bottom line. On May 17, 2019, Yang Xiangjun, then deputy dean of the Academy of Clinical Medicine of Suzhou University, was arrested on the spot after being reported by doctoral students ...

Regarding the current situation of heart bracket abuse, Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, made a criticism. During the two sessions in 2015, many patients with no major problems were put in 5 brackets in their bodies.

In 2019, the country began to govern. Rectifying the rack abuse of chaos, the heart bracket returns to the right way. In 2020, the average price dropped from 13,000 to about 700 yuan, becoming a "affordable" medical device that everyone can afford.

2. Is it harmful or saved?

The heart bracket, as the name suggests, is a bracket near the heart. It is a slender metal cage with a diameter of only 2 ~ 4mm, and the length is generally several centimeters. The role is to open up the blocking blood vessels to restore the patient's coronary arteries and save the life of the patient.

Xu Dingli, Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, said that under normal circumstances, patients with coronary artery stenosis clinically diagnosed with more than 70%of patients, often with angina pectoris, seriously affecting daily life, it is recommended that cardiac stent surgery is recommended. There are also some patients that the blood vessels have not reached 70%, but the plaques are very unstable. When there is risk of falling off at any time, stent surgery needs to be performed in time.

"China Cardiovascular Health and Disease Report 2019" shows that as many as 330 million patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases in my country, the number of coronary heart disease is about 11 million.

The number of patients with coronary heart disease in my country developed from 230,000 in 2009 to 915,200 in 2018, an increase of 10-20%per year. The patient needs an average of 1.46 brackets. In this data estimation, it is known that the number of heart brackets in my country can reach 1.5 million each year, and this value is still growing.

So many people get sick, is this rack still?

There is no standard answer to this question. Each branch of the coronary arteries is responsible for blood supply, but there is a cross and cycle relationship between them. After the branch blood vessels are narrow, they can also meet the blood supply of the heart through the side support. There will be no symptoms of chest pain and chest tightness. Such patients are generally not rushed to perform cardiac stent surgery, and regular follow -up.

What we need to make clear is that when necessary, do not resist the heart bracket too much. It is the "weapon" of life -saving. Can help open blood vessels and open a blood path for patients. If the heart stent is blindly rejected, the development of myocardial infarction to the later stage will cause patients to die.

Let me show you two more actual examples. The US President Clinton and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhong Nanshan have undergone cardiac stent surgery. Now they are still healthy in the public's sight. What to explain?

How many years can I live after the heart bracket? Honestly: supporting life is these 4 cognitions

Most patients still have doubts about heart brackets. How long can they extend their lives after leaving? Does it mean that it is good after it is finished?

Of course not, we must have the correct understanding of the heart bracket. How long can we live? These four points you need to understand.

1. The heart bracket cannot be done once and for all, but temporarily support your blocked blood vessels. After surgery, you need to regulate the medication to avoid blocking the blood vessels in other parts. 2. After surgery, patients need to maintain a healthy and regular diet and daily life. If you continue to maintain the diet mode of big fish and meat and stay up late at the same time, then the blood vessels are blocked again.

3. Patients with chronic diseases such as high blood sugar and hypertension need to actively control the primary disease. Avoid high -risk factors related to acute myocardial infarction, and once again induces myocardial infarction.

4. Maintaining emotional stability is also very helpful to prevent cardiovascular disease. Don't let yourself be nervous and emotional depression in life, you must pay attention to adjust yourself.

Therefore, at present, cardiac stent surgery is a very mature clinical technology. It is a life -saving straw for many patients with acute myocardial infarction. We cannot blindly maintain hostility and we must hold the correct attitude.

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