It is not far from the cerebral infarction?Frankly: Note at 3 o'clock, plaques may be changed smaller

It is not far from the cerebral infarction?Frankly: Note at 3 o'clock, plaques may be changed smaller

"Lao Liu, I haven't seen you for a few days, and I have lost a lot of weight. Seeing your complexion, what happened."

"Well, my heart is panicked, my appetite is not good, I am still insomnia, I really lose weight."

It turned out that Lao Liu heard a story when he played chess last month, saying that there were two Shandong people who went to the hospital for a medical examination together. But none of them paid attention to intervention. Three years later, one cerebral infarction caused paralysis and a cerebral infarction directly died.

Originally, Lao Liu didn't care too much about it. But this week, when Lao Liu went to the medical examination, he did a cervical ultrasound examination, and was also found to have a sclerosis of the cervical arteries, and the cervical plaques appeared.

Thinking of the story I heard last month, Lao Liu Xin was very panicked, and he always felt that he was not far from the cerebral stalk. However, there are old and young, if you are in case, what should you do, that for this, Lao Liu was worried about it all day.

1. Nearly 200 million people in my country have cervical plaques, almost all of them are over 60 years old

Earlier, a study of college scholars from China, Britain, and the United States published in "Liu Ye Dao" was published. Evaluate.

In the end, it was proposed that in 2020, about 2 billion people around the world had cervical atherosclerosis, of which 270 million were in my country, and cervical artery plaques accounted for 200 million. The incidence of cervical artery plaques over 40 years of age is over 40%, and the detection rate is over 40%, while those over the age of 60 are basically unable to escape.

It can be seen that the development status of cervical plaques in the world is more severe, especially in my country. However, many people still do not realize its harmfulness. Once a cervical plaques occur, if they are not intervened in time, it is easy to evolve into a neck arteries and congestion, affecting the blood supply to the brain, and seriously induced the ischemia stroke, which is life -threatening.

Therefore, everyone must pay attention to carotid artery plaques. Once discovery, intervention is intervened in time.

2. Is it not far from the cerebral infarction?

However, you should not be too nervous when you find the cervical plaques, and the old Liu is with the old Liu, panic all day, and feels that you will have a cerebral infarction immediately.

The carotid artery is the pulsation of the pulsation on both sides of the neck, which is responsible for transporting nutrition and oxygen to the brain. When the cervical arteries are hardened, plaques will appear in the inner wall, and the plaques gradually increase, which can cause the vascular stenosis. Once the plaques fall off, it can cause cerebral vascular embolism, cause sudden hemiplegia, discomfort, etc. Performance can severely lead to rupture and bleeding of cervical plaques, causing cerebral infarction.

It can be seen that the health hazard brought by the cervical artery plaques is still very large, so it is necessary to take correct measures to solve it in time.

Guo Xiaomei, Tongji Hospital of Wuhan Huazhong University of Science and Technology, said: For those who are relatively minor, if there are only 1 to 2 hard plaques and the area of ​​blood vessel stenosis is less than 50%, you can eat more lifestyle, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less meat and internal organs, and internal organs. , Actively participate in sports, etc. to prevent increased and rupture of plaques; if the situation is serious, leading to severe blood vessels stenosis or completely occluded, surgical treatment is required.

Reminder: It is not necessary to worry too much about the foundation of cervical plaques. Different cervical plaques are also very different. Understanding risks and active control can effectively reduce the risk of cerebral infarction caused by cervical plaques.

Third, high incidence of cervical artery plaques, these 5 types of people should pay special attention to

The incidence of carotid plaque is very high and harmful, so we must pay attention to its prevention, especially high -risk people. A study published in "European Hearts Magazine" shows that these three types of people are more likely to have cervical plaques:

Elderly: Studies have found that at the age of 40-49, the incidence of carotid plaque is only 6%, but by the age group of 70-89 years, the incidence rises to 63%.

Smokers: After studying factors such as age, gender and region, they found that the incidence of carotid plaque is 28%, and smokers are obviously high at 35%.

Hypertension: Studies have found that the incidence of complication (44%) of the incidence of cervical plaques (44%) exceeds the systolic blood pressure of <120mmHg, only 22%.

In addition, there are two types of people who are also "preferences" of carotid artery plaques: First, people with less sedentary exercise, people with sedentary, blood circulation will become slower, blood viscosity will increase, which will easily lead to intracellaba in the blood vessels. The accumulation of garbage is easy to form porridge hardening plaques; the second is those who often stay up late to sleep for a long time, which can increase inflammatory cells and increase the risk of atherosclerosis.

Therefore, if you belong to the above five types of people, you must pay attention to it, and adjust these dangerous factors in time to avoid the harm caused by cervical plaques.


Fourth, stay away from the cervical artery plaques, make 3 points of plaques or change small

Caishable plaque, in fact, if you can actively take correct intervention measures, it may become smaller. It is recommended that you take these 3 points:

1. Quit smoking and drinking

Nicotine and other harmful substances in smoke can increase low density lipoprotein levels, while increasing blood pressure, eventually promoting the occurrence of atherosclerosis; alcohol can reduce the blood flow of the brain, damage the liver, affect lipid metabolism, make more more Multi -oil is deposited on the blood vessel wall, and these will increase the risk of arteriosclerosis. 2. Moderate exercise

Proper physical exercise can help reduce cholesterol in the blood to a certain extent, delay the progress of plaques, and even reverse the plaques. Therefore, it is encouraged to actively exercise. Yes, you can choose according to your preferences, but you must pay attention to safety during exercise.

3. Scientific medication control "three highs"

Hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia are one of the main factors that induce the mobilization of ups and downs. Therefore, if these situations exist, take the "three highs" drugs in time. The growth of plaques, so everyone must follow the will, take medicine on time, and do not stop it at will.

The cervical artery plaques are high and the harm is relatively high, so it should be paid attention, but don't worry too much. As long as you take the correct measures in time, you can effectively reduce the risk of cerebral infarction.

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