Sweet potato leaves are "longevity dishes", often eat anti-cancer?How many people have been cheated?

Sweet potato leaves are "longevity dishes", often eat anti-cancer?How many people have been cheated?

"How is sweet potato leaves, eat a few months, not tired of it," Zhang Shu disgruntled.

"Anti-cancer, eat how, you do not eat is not it, that you do not eat, hungry now." Aunt Wang said the angry Zhang Shu to bowl taken away.

"Strange god chaos all day reading, this is where to learn, eat a sweet potato leaves to cancer, that people do not close the hospital?" Zhang Shu dissatisfaction whisper, is preparing to get back to eat the bowl two, who knows fluently hear these words let Aunt Wang retorted.

"Just you learned, experts say to eat a sweet potato leaves can longevity, anti-cancer, more than okay, eat two loud noise."

"Short hair and long experience, I can not tell you." Uncle Chang exclaimed, saying exported Shoubu Zhu also would like to receive.

They argue about it, Aunt Wang angry, did not pay attention to the bowl also fall to the ground, broken in one place instantly, Zhang Shu actually been misunderstood her deliberately throw the bowl demonstrations, original harmony of the table, it is so broke up.

But the question is, can anticancer sweet potato leaves in the end it?

First, the sweet potato leaves what is not "anti-cancer artifact"?

Sweet potato leaves is a wealth of plant nutrients, the human body can play a very good role in nutritional supplements, because in Bama County residents in Guangxi, China, known as "Changshou" in the name of this often for food, sweet potato leaves people live longer and are linked with the "longevity food" reputation. In addition, between word of mouth, but also adds a lot of mysterious effect, such as: cancer, prevention of hypertension, prevention of anemia, treatment of menopause, detoxifies and so on.

Sweet potato leaf anti-cancer argument, in addition to its longevity affect the name of the outside, and sweet potato leaves contained chemical substances - polyphenols has been associated, in some cell experiments, polyphenols showed some anti-cancer effect, therefore it has been exaggerated spread, the effect of other trace elements and are mostly in the sweet potato leaves about.

How true? Expert nutrition and food aspects of the China Agricultural University - Associate Professor FAN Zhi-based science team for the efficacy of sweet potato leaves to do a scientific argument: sweet potato leaves contain a variety of substances and ordinary vegetables, fruits, tea and other similar, there is no particular outstanding data, so in addition to add all kinds of microelements, the sweet potato leaves do not have any special effect, followed by the polyphenol anti-cancer role is reflected in cell experiments, oral anti-cancer polyphenols can not play a role, sweet potato leaf cancer is purely rumor.

Second, the "anti-cancer food" really exist?

Everyone wants to increase the length of life, since ancient times, been known as the "longevity", "longevity", "anti-cancer" and the magic of plants or a few herbs, sweet potato leaves since cancer is a fake, will not other anti-cancer foods will be able to do?

For the medical profession, there are many food-related research in cancer, in 1969, Japanese experts have found anti-cancer effects of polysaccharides in mushrooms, eventually developed a cancer drug called "Lentinan", the treatment effect recognized. Chinese experts are also found in 2012 MPSSS another mushroom polysaccharide molecule has a role in cancer. Studies such as these abound, the medical profession has been found in ginseng saponins, isoflavones in soy, Wolfberry in polysaccharides have proved to have anti-tumor effect, in addition, green onions, garlic, onions, etc. can also be through other means produce the effect of suppressing tumor.

Anti-cancer food looks very reasonable, and there are so many studies done to prove, but it ignores the problem is that these studies are based on cytology and zoology, the extracted substances within the food, produces a direct role in cell the anti-cancer effect, this and edible ingredients, oral extract are two concepts, the lack of supporting epidemiological data, China currently does not have any functional foods recognized cancer.

Mechanisms play anti-cancer effect of the extract ingredients from the point of view, there is no anti-cancer food.

Third, these rumors make nutritionists headache, you turned a few?

Although life science and medical experts in increasing the intensity of the rumor, but people listen to rumors in nutrition science without the slightest reduce, or even more and more, so they took anti-cancer food, the food circulated on the Internet a list of anti-cancer early to harvest a large number of loyal fans, while other rumors about food is also impressive here.

1, the magic categories: eat on cancer

Food anticancer argument widespread in the population, and some even passed for a cancer eating like magic. I believe many people have heard of lemonade change the pH of the two anti-cancer physical and magic. Dr. Food and Nutrition Department of Military Medical Sciences Ruili Li said that the level of vitamin C contained in lemon has not so special, little effect on the human body, and the body's pH is typically maintained at 7.35-7.45, in a variety of balancing role, It is not easily changed. The so-called acidic, alkaline constitution, also pure fiction, there is no system of medicine in this statement.

2, Fatal class: the entrance will be poisoned

I believe many people have experienced elders remind certain food can not eat, eat will be poisoned, get cancer and so on. This type of rumors of food tend to make three mistakes, namely: scientific understanding, dose comparison, poisoning and other vague concept, and people do not realize this will not listen to rumors.

There is a saying the medical profession, aside talk toxicity is dose bullying. Take the cola, the 4-methylimidazole Coke contains high intake can increase the risk of cancer, but a lot of this is about refers to the dose of 1000 cans of Coke contained, but in real life drank 1000 cans, will not carcinogenic Chengsi Bar.

Second there are some people say that IGF-1 in milk will make cell proliferation and increase cancer. However, scientific research has found that this protein has a good role in the development of the human body, and has a good role in the level of blood, there is no clear correlation with cancer. Finally, it is about toxicity and cancer, and some foods are really likely to cause human poisoning due to toxins, but it is not related to cancer, which is also clear.

3, experiment class: Conclusion Scared

Some romers will attract some people to prove the truth, but there is a support of experimental data, sometimes it is more easily misleading people.

The brigadic "Tea 72-hour corrosion stainless steel" and "a family of three is overnight watermelon poison" rumors. After experiment, it was found that tea corrosion stainless steel was purely nonsense, and the proven experiments of watermelon in the next night, the experimental experiments have also ignored people's habits, causing experimental results to be unconventional.

Ph.D., a professional, unintentional, university, USA, University, USA, said that the rumors of the rumors need to be used to participate or guide the number of professionals, otherwise there is no practical significance.

4, additive class: there is harmful

In life, people have been overkill their food additives. Many people have naturally contradict the psychology. It feels that the additive must be harmful. In fact, everything is wrong. It uses the wrong dose to make people poisoned, such as salt and brown sugar, this Two people eat the most things, if they are poisoned under a bowl.

Regarding the specific content of food additives, the state also has the standards, as long as it specifies the safety range, the food additive does not cause harm to the human body.

Fourth, to prevent cancer, you have to get started from these 2 things.

Cancer is the enemy in the history of human medicine, want to prevent cancer, and do these 2 things first.

Cancer screening

The early screeing is the most effective way of anti-cancer. Although the cancer that has been discovered has exceeded hundreds, the high-risk population can still significantly reduce the risk risks, such as lung cancer, breast cancer, Colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer and esophageal cancer.

High-risk population screening method:

The high-risk population of lung cancer is mainly concentrated in the smokers, and there is more than 30 packs of smoking in 15 years, and people who smoke more than 30 packs need regular medical examinations. One year, once, it can be checked by low-dose spiral CT in chest;

The high-risk population of breast cancer is 40 years old. There are women with family history and fertility, and abnormal symptoms of abnormalities can be diagnosed by molybdenum target and ultrasound.

Liver cancer is mainly patients with hepatitis B and other chronic liver diseases need screening, and the way is ultrasound and serum-bacoline combination examination;

The high-risk group of colorectal cancer is 50 years old, there are family history, long-term alcohol and others can use colonoscopy;

The high-risk population of gastric cancer is a family history, and the left upper abdomen is long-term discomfort.

Esophageal cancer is 40 years old and have a crowd of digestive tract symptoms, which can be checked by gastroscopy.

2. Healthy diet

Medical authority magazine "Nature" has published the papers of Cambridge scientists, content display, alcohol and its metabolites - acetaldehyde will permanently damage hematopoietic stem cells, increase cancer risk. In tobacco contains more than 4,000 chemicals, many of which have strong irritation to the human body, some substances are even harmful, such as acetone, ammonia, arsenic, butane cadmium, carbon monoxide, cyanide, and the like.

In a report of WHO, smoking can initiate 90% of lung cancer, 75% chronic pulmonary disease. The global esophageal cancer has a new year of more than 400,000 cases, of which 63% are concentrated in China.

This is all overheated food, resulting in long-term injury in the digestive tract. Various data tells people that bad eating habits are eroding life, only starting from itself, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there is hope to stay healthy.

As the saying goes: "Disease from mouth". It is correct to keep people careful attitude, provided to analyze the characteristics of ingredients with scientific rational perspectives, rather than rumor, and listening to rumors. Only maintaining healthy life attitudes and eating habits is the best "weapon" to defeat cancer!


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