Long-term drinking water, don't touch pure water and mineral water, what is the impact on the body?

Long-term drinking water, don't touch pure water and mineral water, what is the impact on the body?

"Compendium of Materia Medica," said: "dried up water to the camp." Means that water is the source of life, if there is no water, the body will dry up.

For this reason, only drinking water safety concern ordinary people.

Last night, you see a post when a small nine Internet:

Post says, "lurking in the tap water is the culprit trihalomethanes," "chloroform can cause rats and dogs liver or kidney, the other three chloride also has some carcinogenic."

In this post, many people expressed their views:

@ Time: always felt a kind of tap water can not tell the smell, never drink.

@ Lee in vain: What is the difference between tap water and mineral water, purified water? City people are feeling and bottled water, and tap water really can not drink it?

First, tap water "trihalomethanes" is how is it?

Many local tap water from the reservoir, but no matter from where the raw water, there may be microbial contamination of bacteria, viruses and so on, so you need to be disinfected.

There are many ways of water disinfection, where chlorine disinfection to sterilization broad spectrum, fast-acting, bactericidal effect and other advantages, stand out in a variety of disinfection methods. The reason why the chlorine sterilization can rely mainly on hypochlorous acid having a strong penetration can penetrate the cell wall, into the interior of bacteria, destruction of proteins or nucleic acids, killing viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.

However, chemical disinfection sterilization menace at the same time, will produce some byproducts. In order to control harmful substances, my country's "drinking water health standards" There are strict rules on the amount of water disinfectants, there are strict limits on by-products such as trihalomethanes.

World Health Organization recommends that no more than tap water, chloroform content 200ppb, and our more stringent standards, as 60ppb.

In addition, the water in the heating process, the chlorine will be decomposed volatile, we do not need to worry too much about.

Second, what is the difference between mineral water, purified water? How would drink tap water?

In addition to tap water, mineral water, purified water is a common source of drinking water. In the city, whether it is home or office, many places are using bottled mineral water or purified water, both of which really better than tap water okay? Drink boiled tap water will happen?

·pure water

Pure water, technology refers to the use distillation, electrodialysis, etc., natural water deep processing, removal of harmful substances, bacteria, while some of the beneficial organisms, but also a mineral and removed.

Online rumors: "Long-term drinking pure water is unhealthy, because does not contain any nutrients, easily lead to micronutrient deficiencies."

In fact, this is not true. Most of the body is to get nutrients from food, drinking only a very small part of, it will not have so much influence. As long as your normal diet, long-term drinking pure water is no problem.

·mineral water

Mainly it refers to the geological formation at a specific, non-polluting underground natural mineral water, with a certain amount of calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, strontium and other elements.

Some businesses in the publicity, said mineral water "can supplement minerals, healthier than plain water," in fact, is wrong. As long as ordinary people achieve a balanced diet, proper diet, you can add enough minerals, long-term drinking mineral water, in addition to pay, and no special benefits.

Pure water is very high penetration rate in developed countries, which are mostly pure water daily life, we did not find any health problems. Whether pure water, mineral water or tap water, provided that they meet national standards, to meet the daily needs, long-term drinking are healthy.

If you have some kind of water advocating "long-term drinking harmful or beneficial," the speech, mostly in the flicker of you, pay attention to distinguish.

Third, so drink plenty of water, too much of the benefits

Want to stay healthy, you need to intake enough water, if you can do it, can bring many benefits to the body.

· Good for the skin: the high water content of the skin is one of health standards, the intake of enough water, make the skin normal metabolism, reduce drying, more flexible, and smooth.

· Relieve constipation: drinking water shortage is a common cause of constipation. Drink plenty of water to avoid manure is too dry, but also to stimulate peristalsis, and promote bowel movements, relieve constipation.

· Prevention of thrombosis: After a night of sleep, the body will drain a lot of water, higher blood viscosity. Morning after replenish water can dilute the blood viscosity, reduce the risk of thrombosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

Reduce stones: lack of drinking water is a common cause of urinary calculi one, when the urine of salt, minerals excessive concentration to form a precipitate, it may lead to stones. Drink plenty of water can dilute urine and promote precipitation discharge, reducing the risk of stones.

Seen, there are many benefits of drinking water, but you want to achieve these effects, in fact, there's a lot of stress. Here, a small nine summarize 3:00 drink tips for everyone:

1, the water intake: In general, adult intake of 2 liters of water a day to be where to get from food 800ml, 1200ml need to get through the water. Especially after summer sports, winter dry, drink plenty of water.

2, water speed: Do not drink when Mengguan, easy to increase the burden on the heart, it is recommended a few times, each about 150 ~ 200ml, not thirsty to drink.

3, water temperature: preferably at 25 ℃ ~ 45 ℃. When the temperature exceeds 65 ℃, it can damage the gastrointestinal mucosa, increasing the risk of disease.

In general, the type of water is not particularly limited. Whether it is white water, pure water or mineral water, you can drink long-term.It is important to ensure the intake, master the correct drinking water method, have you learned?Reference:

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