Yamheng spleen noodles, there are too many benefits, but the doctor is straightforward: these 4 people don't touch

Yamheng spleen noodles, there are too many benefits, but the doctor is straightforward: these 4 people don't touch

Yam, is the common food in autumn and winter, many people like to bring it soup, and some people will use it directly to boil porridge, and the taste is a bit similar to potatoes, but it is crispy than them, very Raise the stomach.

In addition, what is the benefit of the yam? Who is "no blessing"? Today, Na sisters took everyone to walk into the world of yam.

First, what are the benefits of eating a mountain?

1, beauty

Yam can be norward, attributed to a variety of glycoprotein mixtures-mucin contained in the yam, can increase the lubricity of the mucosa with the skin, which has a great role in improving the skin fat accumulation.

2, spleen and raise the lungs

The most typical effect of the yam is to make up the spleen and raise the lungs. It is recorded in the "Shennong Herb". Effect of spleen and gas removal heat.

In addition, in the "Medical Chemical Record" can also be confirmed that edible mountain can reach nourishing yin and refensive, and the effect of qi, which is often used in clinical practice to treat spleen deficiency.

3, lower blood sugar

The nutritional value of the yam is very rich, including rich amylase, fat, and a variety of vitamins, which can reach blood fat after eating, enhance the effect of body immunity.

4, anti-aging

"Get a book" is recorded, and the edible mountain can achieve the effect of tonic loss. Pharmacological studies have also been confirmed that in the yam contains tanning, saponin, choline, and a variety of trace elements, can induce interferon, which can achieve anti-aging effect.

Second, the nutritional value is high, but these 4 people are best not to touch

The reason why the yam can achieve hypoglycemic effect because it contains mucus protein in the yam, but it should also be noted that the yam is a root food, the starch content is high, and if the food is too much, it will cause the blood sugar to rise because there is too much intake. .

Therefore, therefore diabetic patients can eat too much to avoid everything, to properly reduce the intake of other staple food, in addition to the food of diabetic patients should pay attention, and some people have the best with the yam. Distance:

People who love hot pot

Yam is a food that is integrated with drugs. If you often eat hot pot, the hot pot bottom material will make your own flat yam fever, easy to get angry, therefore often eat hot pot friends Eat less yam.

When serving alkaline drugs such as small soda

If a small soda is being taking a small soda, the drug ingredient will be neutralized in the amylase in the yam, which will lose the efficacy.

Prostate cancer, breast cancer patient

In the yam contains the ingredients of saponin potato, in the entering people, the synthesis of hormones, including testosterone and female hormones, will aggravate the condition, so prostate cancer and breast cancer patients should be taboo.


In the yam, there is a large amount of starch, which will cause stool to dry, so the constipation patient must eat less, and then eat before eating.

Third, the yam is so eating, the effect doubles

Wang Guoyu, Vice President of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, pointed out that healthy and eating hillings have a vital effect on playing their role:

● Steamed hill

Steaming hills can maintain the original flavor to avoid adding other additives, which can better preserve nutrients, and the practice is also very simple, just need to add the tick as appropriate when eating.

● Fungus fried yam

The fungus itself can achieve the effect of clearing the lungs, Yiqi. It is better to add the yam to be addressed, and it is a dish.

● Magum paste

Prepare a certain amount of yam, peeled and cut, then take the right amount of rice, mix with a certain amount of water with soymilk, can alleviate the dry skin.

Although the yam is good, it should also be noted that the starch content in the yam is high, the stool is dry and the constipation is preferably delicious; in addition, the yam is a nourishing drug, and people who are easy to get angry will also eat less.

Further reading: What should I do if the washing hobby?

The washing hobby is mainly because there is a saponin in the yam mucus, which can cause contact dermatitis after contacting the skin. However, because of the saponins, it can be used after washing or cut after the yam, and it can relieve itching symptoms. In addition, the most intuitive anti-allergy method is to wear a rubber glove before processing.

Yam is a common ingredient in life. The cooking porridge is a good choice, but the yam has a certain medicinal value, whether it is suitable for itself according to its own situation.


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