"Problem oil" frequent exposure, how do consumers identify?Send you a edible oil to pick Raiders

"Problem oil" frequent exposure, how do consumers identify?Send you a edible oil to pick Raiders

Food safety is greater than the sky, the people are most concerned about having "do not clean" with their families, the most eye-catching is to eat oil, because each household is used, almost no one can avoid.

Recently, the exposure of "problem oil" is worried, and this oil has a problem? What will people eat? How can I buy a good oil?

First, "problem oil" frequent exposure, the people need to be vigilant

According to the report of Guangming.com, the State Food and Drug Administration found in the special sampling of peanut oil on the market, and 20 batch of peanut oil samples exceeded the standard, including benzopyrene, and mangamycin. And solvent residue and other items.

On March 10th, the Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter combed from 2020 to 2021, and the Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau announced in the sale of edible oil test, a total of 12 batches of samples were unqualified. Among them, 6 batches of the acid price of 6 batches of food oil is unqualified. Benen benzorene exceeds the standard.

Also in March, the Heilongjiang Provincial Market Supervision Bureau announced the latest food sampling report, a total of 6 batches of food were not qualified, in which the "Wo Jinkang" crushing soybean oil produced by a trading company in Harbin was detected and the oxidation value and Benzoprene exceeds 2 times more than the standard.

A times "unqualified" news hit the consumer, people can't help but worry: If you accidentally use these oils, what kind of harm will cause your body? In fact, the harm is really not small.

Second, in the edible oil, 3 indicators are essential


Benzopyrene is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compound, and there are two types of isomers, which are one of the most common excellent items of benzene A-A-A-A-Benzum and benzogene. In the industrial, benzopyrene is widely used in coal, plastic-related work, is a primary carcinogen and mutant original.

Japanese researchers have plated benzole (very sensitive to rabbits in the ear of the ear of the experimental rabbit), and the cells that were placed after 40 days of smear. The grease will produce benzopyrene in high temperatures and charred environments, which is why it will appear in edible oil.

2. Yellow maometry

The yellow mangomycin is a toxic metabolite of Huangqua, which is most common in the non-processing food, and is the most intrihood of toxicity. In recent years, the news that people eat moldy food lead to poisoning death is also uncommon.

The yellow mangomycin belongs to a level of carcinogens and can induce cancer only in 1 mg of intake. Long-term trace intake will accumulate within the human body, and finally cause cancer, especially liver cancer. The one-time large amount of intake will lead to acute poisoning, endanger life. The yellow mangomycin is mainly in warm, humid environment. If the mold is molded with moldy raw material, it will also appear in oil.


The acid price is also known as the acid value, which will rise during fat fat, reflect the degree of deterioration. When the acid price exceeds the standard, the chemicals such as aldehyde, ketones are produced in food, and fat-soluble vitamins are produced. After eating such oil, people may have symptoms such as gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea, etc., and damage the liver. Eating oleic acid prices can be due to production process without rejection or storage ambient temperature is too high.

Third, send you a edible oil to pick Raiders

Edible oil is indispensable in daily diet and cooking, as a consumer, how to avoid buying "black heart oil" when purchasing edible oil? I hope these points can help you.

· Look at the logo and ingredients

my country's edible influences must indicate the name, net content, production process (press, leaching), factory information, ingredient table, production date and shelf life, etc., and must have a sign of food quality and safety. Look carefully, it's not possible. In particular, the ingredients, the general vendors will write oil ratio in the raw material, whether to use transgenic raw materials.

· The higher the quality level, the better

According to national standards, edible oil must marke the corresponding quality level in the package, such as peanut oil from high to low, two, three levels. The standard development basis is the taste of edible oil, color, impurities, oxidation, etc., so the higher the quality of edible oil, the higher the quality of edible oil.

· People do not buy large bucket oil

The unit price of the barrel is cheaper, but if the family is small, it is not recommended to buy. Bottled oil may take a long time, easily contact air during storage, and is illuminated, accelerated oil oxidation and deterioration, and harmful to physical health.

· See color and transparency

Normal edible oil can show yellow to light yellow, and the color is slightly brighter. Refining is higher, less impurities. Choosing a good-yellow edible oil when you purchase, try to choose high transparency, and less suspension. However, some types of vegetable oils may have a little precipitate, and it is normal.

· On-demand

Consider clear demand and preference while buying oil, such as stew, can choose soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower seeds; cooking can choose peanut oil, rice bran oil; cold mix can choose rapeseed oil, olive oil. Coord with your own commonly used methods to choose on demand.

Edible oil is something we have in contact every day, the security requirements are definitely high. As a consumer, we need to master a "oily skill". Look at the appearance, two ingredients, choose oil on demand, not too much.


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