17oz waterproof and fireproof silicone coated fiberglass fabric for fire pit mat

The First professional fiberglass coating factory in China, belongs to JOEN!   HAVE 2 PRODUCTION LINES OF COATING.

Silicone-impregnated fiberglass fabric is highly flexible and provides an excellent protection fabric used in insulating blankets and other heat-resistant parts. Silicone coating has added water and oil resistance and low smoke and flame retardant. Although the base fiberglass fabric has a rating of 1000°F/550°C, the silicone coating is rated for a continuous 550°F/287°C. The Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric provides good flexibility, puncture, and tear resistance. This fabric's dry surface does not stick to the sewing table, making it easier to sew, drape, and handle.

Product properties: 

1. Temperature resistance: it can continuously work under -70 ~ 260°C.
2. Weatherability: resistant to ozone, oxygen, sunlight and aging, long using life up to 10 years.
3. Good electric insulator, dielectric constant 3 – 3.2, breaking down voltage between 20 – 50kV/mm.

Common Applications:
Removable insulation jackets, flange spray shields, welding curtains and blankets, expansion joints, high-temperature gaskets, seals, fire blanket, fireproof bag, fire pit mat,  welding panel, etc.

Product Codebasic fabric area weight, g/m2area Weight, g/m²Thickness, mmCoatingColorTemperature
H200-2-50Si2002500.20Double CoatingGrey, Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Golden,  or custom260℃/550℉( silicone rubber)
Basic fabric 
H430-2-50Si4304800.45Double Coating
H430-1-80Si4305100.45One Coating
H430-2-130Si4305600.45Double Coating
H430-2-160Si4305900.45Double Coating
H660-1-120Si6407600.75One Coating
H660-2-200Si6408400.80Double Coating
H840-2-200Si84010500.90Double Coating
H1250-2-300Si125015501.35Double Coating

Custom logo printingYour logo can be printed directly on the fabirc.

1.  Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

  -We are manufacturer with more than 16 years production experience, and have our own 3 factories in Lanxi,Zhejiang and Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province.

2. What certificate do you have?

   – CE,SGS,UL 94,  MSDS, ISO9001, and so on.

3. Can you provide OEM service?

   – Yes, welcome.  The MOQ is low.  

4. Can you send me a sample? Is it free?

  – Yes, the samples are free, but the courier charge should be on your side.

5.The price that you offer me, Could be more discount?
It will depend on order quantity.

6.Is there any warranty, can exchange it?
Normally our warranty period is six months. If have quality problem, we can refund or resend new products.

7.Mode of transportation
By sea, by air,  by train, or by courier

8.what's  the quality of the products?

Customers' feedback say the quality is very good! No complaint in 3 years!
9.How about the Delivery time?

Normally 7-30 days after receiving the advance payment. Samples will be prepared within 1-3 Days.

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