High quality wholesale solid color heavy duty coated heat resistant waterproof tarpaulin fabric canvas tarpaulin

Product Description

Waterproof tarpaulin fabric
It is used for the manufacture of covering materials, tents, awnings, backpacks, special clothing and shoes (raincoats, mittens, boots) and other products that require increased strength and special properties of the fabric. Company Profile

About company

The company "LEONIS" is an actively developing company in the textile industry. Our company is engaged in the production of regenerated fiber yarn, knitted work gloves, work mittens, workwear and other PPE products and textile products. We hope that our qualified staff will help you make a choice of the product you are interested in. You can always find out more complete information about the product by contacting our specialists by phone or e-mail.
Also, our company is engaged in the cultivation of natural loofah for washcloths. The climate of Uzbekistan is considered the most favorable condition for growing luffa. Our luffa grows on fertile and ecologically clean land – in the beautiful Ferghana Valley. Uzbek loofah washcloths are much softer and more pleasant to use compared to loofah grown in other countries. Delivery Recommend Products FAQ 1. How long does it take to calculate the shipping cost?
1-2 days.
2. Do you offer after sales service?
3. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
Low cost. Short delivery times. Having experience. Special conditions. Product liability.

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