JHDTEX polyester cotton TC 65 35 plain twill ripstop water proof elastic spandex 4 four way stretch uniform workwear fabric

Products Description

Basic parameter(Example)-Support ODM/OEM
Yarn Count20*16
StyletwillWidth150 cm
PricePlease contact us for quotation according to your requirements or parameters.
NoticeThe above parameters are for reference only and are not used as the basis for quotation.
Optional parameter(ODM/OEM)
100% polyester100% cotton
100% nylon
polyester and cotton
nylon and cotton
polyester and viscose
industry washable,high color fastness to perspirationanti-wrinke,high temperature washing,
industrial washing,anti-wrinkle,water-proof,WR/OR/SR,
high color fastness to light,anti-ultraviolet,soil release,
anti-chlorine bleaching,non-ironing,moisture absorbing,
stiff and smooth finishing,OR/SR
Normal workwear fabricNormal workwear fabric, no other special finishing function.Such fabrics are designed for general work scenarios. Normal workwear fabricWaterproof workwear fabric for outdoor or humid environment, on this basis, you can also choose other finishing functions, such as anti-fouling, anti-oil, waterproof.
Stretch workwear fabricThe main feature of elastic workwear fabric is that it has certain elasticity, so that people work more comfortably. Such products can also add various finishing functions. It's a high-end product.
Common models: LYCRA 70D 40D SP XLA Xlance PBT Mechanical strength Spandex Elastic
CompositionCVC 60/40Specifications32/2*32/2+70D LYCRA
CompositionCVC 60/4021*21+70D LYCRA RIB-STOP
CompositionCVC 60/4032*16+70D
CompositionTC20*16+70D 74*54 RIB-STOP
CompositionTC32*32+40D RIB-STOP
CompositionTC16*16+70D RIB-STOP
Composition100% C10*16+70D
C/T16+16+70D GRS+OCS
C 72%/T 25%/SP 3%21*16+70D
T 50%/Tencel 48%/XLA 2%32*32+XLA42D 95"
T 65%/C 31%/SP 3%/AST 1%21*16+30D
T 65%/C 33%/AST 2%20*20 100*52
T 65%/C 33%/AST 2%20*16 128*60
C 59%/T 40%/AST 1%20*16 120*60
C 58%/T 38%/SP 2%/AST 2%32*32+40D GRID
C 72%/T 25%/SP 3%21*16+70D
N/C40/2*16+70D 72*54 RIB-STOP
N/C40/2*16+70D 72*48 RIB-STOP
N/C 50/5040/2+16+70D RIB-STOP
Our Advantages Our advantage1、Multifarious selection of elastic property from high to low.2、Rich fabric types(polyester,cotton,viscos,nylon and their blended fabrics).3、Quality as the core,to guarantee dimensional stability and durable elasticity.4、Optional special function to adapt the industrial requirements.
Multiple stretch,release as you like
Comfortable level stretchmechanical stretch fabricstructural elasticity,comfortable and durable.Elastic elongation:<9%
Performance level stretchT400,PBT stretch fiber fabricNew composite material with excellent elasticity and hand feeling.Elastic elongation:9%-14%
Flagship professional-level stretchSpandex(Lycra),XLA,Sorona stretch fiber fabricInternational brand certification,super high elasticity level.Elastic elongation:>14%
Special functions are optional
1.SR/OR/WR     2.Soil release       3.Water reppellent       4.Anti-static       5.Coating  6.Flame retardant            7.Acid and alkali resistance        8.Anti-bacteria and deodorization  9.Anti-mosquito         10.Anti-uv         11.High temperature wash  12.Multi times washable 13.High colour fastness to perspiration and light 14.High colour fastness to light 15.Colour fastness to weathering 16.Cooldry 17.Cool feeling 18.Crisp and firmness 19.Fluffy softening 20.Smooth exquisite 21.Carbon peach 22.Aromatic finishing
Product useFunction
Steelwork and mechanical engineeringHigh temperature washable,industry washable,high color fastness to perspiration,moisture absorbing,anti-wrinke
Rental garmentsHigh temperature washing,industrial washing,anti-wrinkle
Outdoor worksWR/OR/SR,waterproof,high color fastness to light,anti-ultraviolet,soil release
Medical and health careWR/OR/SR,anti-chlorine bleaching,high temperature washable,non-ironing
Catering industryOR/SR,moisture absorbing,stiff and smooth finishing
We are a leader of workwear and camouflage fabric industry in China.Click here to learn more about product types and get free samples.
Why Choose Us We are a leader of workwear and camouflage fabric industry in China.Click here to learn more about product types and get free samples.
FAQ 1. About product price and quotation?
(1) The details on the exhibits have been washed. According to the quotation of washing method, we can meet all your requirements at a competitive price and keep in touch!
(2) If you are interested in any products, please send your feedback to our email or chat with the trade manager. We usually quote within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry.

2. About product type and style?
(1) You can choose the style from us or send us your pattern type for production. We accept OEM and ODM.

3. About the sample?
(1) Support sample customization, you need to pay the sample development fee. If you finally place an order, the sample
development fee will be returned. In addition, the express fee will be borne by you.
(2) For our products, we can provide free A4 feel samples. However, as all customers want samples, y
ou only need to pay the freight.
4. About the order?
(2) It supports EXW, FOB, CIF and other price quotations. You can choose the most convenient and economical price.
(3) For small batch or sample orders, we can accept your payment through Alibaba.
(4) For large orders, we accept 30% down payment and 70% balance before shipment.

5. Our advantages?
(1) Spot stock: support low MOQ and faster delivery cycle;
(2) Huge production capacity: our production base has an annual output of more than 200 million meters, so we can accept large orders and complete them in a short time;
(3) Rich business experience: our sales team has more than 20 years of overseas business experience. Our markets are all over the world, such as Germany, Poland, Belgium, Serbia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Dubai, Lebanon, the United States, Mexico, Chile, Guatemala, South Africa, Bangladesh, etc. Therefore, we can put forward more suggestions to make things simpler; (4) Ultimate service: we provide 7 * 24 hours service;
(5) More professional: the quality control team has more than 24 years of experience in fabrics and clothing;
(6) Quality assurance: We will not let a unqualified project go out of our factory.

6. What is your MOQ?
(1)The spot fabric or garment, the MOQ is 1 meter or 1 piece; (2)The customized fabric, the MOQ is 1000M-10000M (negotiable), and for the customized garment, 50 pieces (negotiable).

7. What is your sample lead time?
(1)The spot fabric or finished product, the day is 3 days;
(2)The customized fabric or garment, the day is 10-30 days (negotiable).

8. What is the production lead time?
(1)The spot fabric or garment, the day is 7 days;
(2)The customized fabric or garment, the day is 15-45 days (negotiable).

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