Unique Colored Patterns Customize Soft Cotton Textiles And Fabrics


Model Number: IM-179
Width: 140cm*50m
CompetitionCotton 100%
Yarn Count120/2*120*2
Density: 165*145
Weight: 158g/m2
PatternPiece dyed
Color: 13 colors






By means of our entirely original design,we assemble unique colored patterns all presented via yarn dyeing,including various plaid and striped patterns,as well as plain material.


We also have various yarn dyed fabrics that cannot be posted,so please feel free to ask us about them.




Founded 50 years
We are a project proposal-type company who, as a textile converter, work together with a variety of manufacturers including spinning,textile, dyeing and finishing companies for the creative planning of textiles.
The unique production and development technology and expertise we have accumulated allow us to supply a collection of high quality,high fashion and high performance textiles at reasonable prices.  
We have been quietly creating textiles, behind the glamorous fashion industry, we are supporting the fashion industry behind the scenes.
When we touched fabrics, we are coming up with lots of ideas and we feel we will want to make it.
We think so that textile which attracts people have the "force" to move people's hearts impulsively.
Our mission will be to create such a "force" fabrics.
We support the fashion industry foundation and want to give all people concerned with clothes a surprise.
It may be a bit overblown, but we will continue to create such thoughts.
After 50 years, and future 50 years from now.


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