White Cheap Waterproof Art Polyester Canvas Fabric Material for Painting and Digital Printing 100% Cotton,100% Cotton Woven 300d

cheap waterproof heavy white art polyester canvas fabric material for painting and digital printing




All the following model can be produced with fire retardant effect.

Eco-solvent, Solvent, UV inkOBY-S1glossy waterproof canvas260100% polyester
OBY-S2glossy common waterproof canvas220100% polyester
OBY-S3glossy waterproof cotton canvas260100% cotton
OBY-S4glossy waterproof cotton canvas380100% cotton
OBY-S5glossy waterproof polyester canvas30065%polyester,35%cotton
OBY-S6glossy waterproof polyester canvas41080%polyester,20%cotton
water based (inkjet) , pigment ink, dye ink, UV inkOBY-W1glossy canvas260100% polyester
OBY-W2glossy common canvas220100% polyester
OBY-W3glossy grey back canvas225100% polyester
OBY-W4glossy cotton canvas280100% cotton
OBY-W5glossy cotton canvas380100% cotton
OBY-W6glossy polyester canvas28065%polyester,35%cotton
OBY-W7glossy polyester canvas40080%polyester,20%cotton
Water based ( inkjet), pigment ink, dye ink, uv inkOBY-F1glossy waterproof canvas260100% polyester
OBY-F2glossy common waterproof canvas220100% polyester
OBY-F3glossy waterproof cotton canvas380100% cotton
Water based (inkjet) , solvent, Eco-solvent, UV ink OBY-C1matt 600D canvas260100% polyester
OBY-C2matt common canvas220100% polyester
OBY-C3matt 300D canvas175100% polyester
OBY-C4matt cotton canvas260100% cotton
OBY-C5matt cotton canvas320100% cotton
OBY-C6matt cotton canvas380100% cotton
OBY-C7matt double sides cotton canvas300100% cotton
OBY-C8matt polyester canvas28065%polyester,35%cotton


Length: 18/30/40/50m



1. Indoor decoration (such as oil-paintings)

2. Photography shed

3. Outdoor advertising

4. Background




cotton canvas is suitable for Solvent ink, pigment inks, dye inks, mild solvent inks (ECO). It is made of cotton, and the grain of cloth is clear. It is an ideal choice for dye ink, and the anti-weathering is better than other materials. Base on optimize of ink adhesion, cotton canvas has a good expression in art. For the capability of high definition, UV resistance, flame retardance, waterproof, good tensile strength, its widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising.




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