Vietnam Manufacturer Supplies pvc coated canvas tarpaulin pvc tarpaulin striped awning fabric for carport tarpaulin

Item NamePvc Tarpaulin Waterproof Pvc Plastic Tarpaulin Covers
MaterialPVC+Yarn polyester
ColorGreen/White/Blue/Yellow/Red (Customized)
Grams for per square meter450gsm500gsm550gsm600gsm650gsm700gsm
Finish product sizeCustom items as per customer's needs, or sold by inventory.
FeatureWaterproof and sunproof
Excellent mildew resistance
Easy folding with soft material
AdvantageHigh cost performance and wide applicability.
ApplicationPoultry house curtain, farm roll shutter door, canvas cover, tunnel ventilation pipe, open-air cover for goods, machine equipment cover, wind cover, etc.
Service life3 years/3-5 years/5-7 years (optional)
Product Description Specification
ProcessBasic FabricWeightThicknessWidthLength700g750g
Laminated500*200 12*18280g-500g0.22-0.4≦3.2m50-100m0.6mm0.65mm
500*300 12*18
500*500 9*9280g-600g0.22-0.48
500*500 12*18
Semi-Coated840*840 18*18350g-1000g0.28-0.8≦3.2m50-100m
1000*1000 9*9400g-1000g0.32-0.8
1000*1000 18*18500g-2500g0.4-2.0
1000*1000 20*20500g-2500g
1300*1300 23*24500g-2500g
Coated500*500 28*28250g-650g0.2-0.5≦3.2m50-100m
500*500 18*25300g-330g0.24-0.26≦5.5m50-500m
500*1000 30*17400g-500g0.32-0.4≦3.2m
840*840 18*18500g-850g0.4-0.7≦5.5m
1000*1000 18*18500g-2000g0.4-2.0
1000*1000 20*20500g-2000g0.4-2.0
Application Packing & Delivery Detail Contacts Ms. Sarah Lee (Sale Executives)- Email: [email protected] Phone: +84 936 373 398 (whatsapp/wechat/zalo)

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