White Workhorse Polyester Canvas Tarp 4 Ft. x 5 Ft. – 14.5 Oz.

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Tarps Direct
Size ‎4×5
Color ‎White
Material ‎Polyester, Brass
UV Protection ‎True

Tarps Direct Workhorse Polyester Canvas tarps weigh 14.5 ounces per square foot and are an extraordinary breathable fabric for outdoor use. Treated with silicone makes this tarp waterproof* and the Dry Finishing process eliminates the strong odor and wax-like feel that is a found in a traditional cotton canvas tarp. It also won’t bleed or stain like cotton canvas. There is minimum shrinkage with polyester about 0-1%. Common uses for the Workhorse Polyester Tarp are equipment covers, duck blinds, canopies, truck covers, outdoor furniture covers, boat covers, car covers, material covers, and much more.*The fabric is waterproof everywhere except at the seams, due to the stitching of the seams. The tarp will only be water resistant at the seams and not waterproof. Water may come through at the seams. This tarp is listed as a cut size. This means that the measurements are taken before seaming and hemming. Final measurement will be smaller by approximately 6 inches on the smaller sizes and 3% to 5% on the larger sizes. Larger tarps have more seams and therefore will come smaller. Fabric material is manufactured in 60 inch rolls and then seamed together to make the tarp to its size.

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