2022 hot popular 520gsm-1200gsm super strong outdoor Truck cover Sheet pvc coated weather proof tarpaulin tent canvas

Product Description

PVC Coated Tarpaulin

Heng Feng PVC Coated Tarpaulin is produced by digital control coating machine which composited PVC paste on polyester fiber substrate by roller coating, then it is heated by temperature regulating device and pressed on the tarpaulin accurately, cooling to be finished product afterward.

PVC Coated Tarpaulin

Specifications :2*2/3*3

Width :1.5m~2.0m

Length :100m per roll

Weight: 550g/Sq m~700g/ Sq m (±10g/ Sq m)

Thickness :0.45mm~0.60mm (±0.02mm)

Note: The products with special specifications can be made according to the customers' requirement. 

1. Excellent waterproof performance, anti-permeable ≥ 20KPa.
2. Obvious mildew proofing and inflame-retarding properties, flame retardant ≤ 10 seconds.
3. Anticorrosion including: acid, alkali and brine corrosion, and etc.
4. Heat resistance, and be able to adapt to variety of open-air natural conditions.
5. Good low-temperature flexibility, this fabric will not be fractured by pliers at -30℃.
6. Almost no absorbable of water, drying quickly after the rain without adding weight, convenient in usage.
7. Heat combined with high-frequency, which guaranteed this fabric water tight and will not crack.
8. High strength of tensile.
9. Light, 500 to 800 grammas per square meter.
Base fabric-Polyester2*22*22*32*33*33*3Denier
Tensile StrengthL≥1850≥2000≥2000≥1850≥2100≥2500N/5cm
Tearing strengthL≥70≥70≥140≥120≥120≥120N/5cm
Color Fastness≥5Grade
PackingHard paper tube+Kraft paper
Customized products can be made according to customers' special needs
Detailed Images Glossy surfaceMatte surface tear-resistantfireproofwaterproof Application

PVC coated Tarpaulin

Since Heng Feng PVC Coated Fabric have the features of high-strength, superior waterproof performance, self-cleaning, corrosion-resistant, long service time, and the excellent physical and chemical properties, as repetitive and long-term use in a wide range, the product can be applied to construction, transportation, warehousing , mines, sunshade, and other areas of entertainment.

-To be used as all kinds of PVC Tarpaulins.
– To be used as Truck covers, Boat covers, Lumber covers, Steel covers, etc.
– To be used as Air Duct for delivering hot and cold air.
– To be used as Tent materials.
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