Premium 200gsm high glossy waterproof photo paper roll 610mm*30 914*30m

Premium 250gsm double sided glossy waterproof photo paper 610mm 914mm

  • Ink SupportedDye Ink, Pigment Ink( for RC paper)

  • Suitable Inkjet PrintersAll desktop and large format inkjet printers (Epson, HP, Kodak, Canon, Lexmark, etc)

  • Regular size: Sheet size: A3/A4/A5/A6/5R/4R/3R

                            Roll size: 24/36/42/44/60 inches x 30/50m

    Customized sizes are welcome



Normal Size


 Matte Coated Paper

110G/130G Inkjet Photo Paper


A4,A3,Roll Size

140G/230G/250G Double-sided Inkjet Matte Photo Paper

Single-sided High Glossy Photo Paper

110G/130G/160G/180G/200G/230G High Glossy Photo Paper


A4,A3,3R,4R,5R,A6,Roll Size

Double-sided Glossy Photo Paper

120G/140G/160G/180G/200G/230G/250G/280G/ 300G Double Side Glossy Photo Paper


A4,A3,Roll Size



RC Photo Paper

220G/260G RC Glossy Photo Paper



A4,A3,3R,4R,5R,A6,Roll Size

260G RC Satin Photo Paper

260G RC Rough Satin Photo Paper


Self-adhesive Photo Paper

135G/150G Self-adhesive Glossy Photo Paper


A4,A3,4R,Roll Size

110G/130G Self-adhesive Matte Photo Paper


CD/DVD Sticker

CD/DVD Glossy Sticker



CD/DVD Matte Sticker

Remark: Customized sizes and gram weights are available.



1. Product parameters:


Wide Format Roll Size Glossy Photo Paper

 Specifications24" 36" 42" 44" 60"*30m/50m
 InkSuitable for dye ink
 ResolutionUp to 5760 Dpi
 Paper FeaturesWaterproof, fast-drying and vivid color
 PackageNatural transparent bag, insert sheet cover, color box package, foil bag package

 Suitable for All kinds of color inkjet printers;

 The maximum width of the base paper is 1.7m;

 The length can be customized according to customer




A4210× 297mm
7 Inch/5R127×178mm
5 Inch/3R89×127mm

                                                                                       Roll Size: 610/914/1068/1118/1520*30m/50m

The difference between without and with back printing

               Paper without back printing                                 Paper with back printing

1. Paper without back printing means paper’s back is blank, no words and patterns.

2. Paper with back printing means in the back of paper, there is wordsprofessional color paper”.

3. The coating of paper with or without back printing are the same, the printing effect is also almost the same.

2.Product usage

Why choose us?

1.Product advantages

High glossy

   flat paper brings good luster


Real color

   Good absorbency, color reduction degree of reality



      Professional waterproof coating to make color more durable


Instant drying   

       Professional quick-drying technology, dry fast

2.Product comparison

Feature 1: Super detailed expression, restore the real color of the image.

 Photo ink droplet diameter is small, the shape is approximate circular, quick and strong ink absorption speed, clear picture.

                           Our photo paper:                Ordinary photo paper:

        the picture is more clear, beautiful.

    The picture is not clear, dark.

Feature 2: Bright color, distinct levels.

       Color level performance make color more vivid, more real.

                       Our photo paper:                  Ordinary photo paper:


    whether printing dark part, or light-colored part, it can show excellent color perception, which shows the sense of texture and layering.


    ordinary photo paper surface is bleak, color layering and expression is not very strong, fuzzy color texture, print effect is not very clear and bright.


Suggestions on the matching of ink and photo paper

1. Photo paper / color inkjet matte paper (suitable ink: dye ink)

   a. The coating layer of photo paper and matte paper is not anti-oxidation.

   b. Users is also use not anti-oxidation dye ink.

   c. The speed of fading is great related to the quality of ink and paper preservation environment (Such as: 1. Wet weather 2. Ultraviolet radiation 3. Paper directly exposed to the air cause oxidized).

The neutralization of various factors are determine the speed of photo paper fade. If you want to keep the photo paper for a long time. We suggest you to laminated it. The photo paper’s storage lift can be extended to 5-6 times after laminated.

2. RC photo paper (suitable ink: both dye and pigment ink)

   a. RC photo paper: RC is the abbreviation of Resin Coated, meaning double-sided resin coated film paper. The glossiness of the RC paper is the resin itself, it has a porous micropore structure to make instant drying. Based on this special processing technology, making the RC paper has some physical characteristics difference with some other paper media. It can be more adaptable to the characteristics of inkjet printing, to make the best performance of the printer.

   b. RC photo paper with high-quality pigment ink to save life can be achieved for decades, if laminated it can reach the preservation of the effects of a century. So now the wedding photo studio has been mainly used RC photo paper.

So only the perfect combination of paper and ink can achieve the best results.



  • Package: Natural transparent bag, insert sheet cover, color box package, foil bag package.

  • Storage:

    a. Store package flat in cool, dry location.

    b. Avoid being contact by wet hands,sweat many cause the paper to change colour.

    c. Be careful not to bend the paper.

  • Some packing details for your reference:
    115G Waterproof glossy photo paperA4/A3A4/ 100Sheet/pack,20packs/carton
    130G Waterproof glossy photo paperA4/A3A4/ 100Sheet/pack,20packs/carton
    160G Waterproof glossy photo paperA4/A3A4/ 100Sheet/pack,20packs/carton
    180G Waterproof glossy photo paperA4/A3A4/ 100Sheet/pack,20packs/carton
    200G Waterproof glossy photo paperA4/A3/4R/A6A4/ 20Sheet/pack,60packs/carton
    230G Waterproof glossy photo paperA4/A3/4R/A6A4/ 20Sheet/pack,60packs/carton
    260G Waterproof glossy photo paperA4/A3/4R/A6A4/ 20Sheet/pack,60packs/carton
    200G/230GWaterproof glossy photo paper


    4 rolls / carton
    Remarks:Customized packing is available.


  1) Provide sample for testing
  2) Excellent products' quality
  3) Flexible payment
  4) Fast delivery
  5) Prompt and efficient customer service


   The company was founded in 1999, is a professional manufacturer of printer consumables with rich coating experience. Our main products include digital printing photo paper, thermal transfer barcode ribbon, compatible brother/casio/ dymo/kingjim/epson/canon/max label tape and so on.    

    We have a strong foreign sales team and always provide best service for customers. Our products are exported to Asia, Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Africa and other areas.  

    We sincerely welcome new and old customers from all walks of life around the world to contact us for future business relationship and achieving win-win success!

We are your best choice because of our expertise!

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