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1. Please do not plug or unplug the ink cartridge, otherwise the ink cartridge or the nozzle drive board will be damaged
2. Please do not perform any operations such as parameter modification in the printing state, otherwise the core board will be
3. If the machine does not work within 15 minutes, please take out the ink cartridge and use the plastic clip of the ink cartridge
to protect the nozzle;
4. Please do not put the machine and ink cartridge in a humid environment, so as not to receive the moisture effect of the
5. When cleaning the machine, keep away from water and do not use chemical solvents;
6. Please do not hit the machine with hard objects. Also be careful not to drop the machine on the ground and hit it.

Common problem handling:
When the print information is not clear:
1. Please check if the ink cartridge has ink or if the ink cartridge is installed.
2. Please reload the print file;
3. Please check whether the printing parameters are set accurately (please refer to the file attachment for the parameter setting
4. Please check the surface of the nozzle for any debris, and use non-woven fabric to clean the surface of the nozzle;
5. Please check if other parameters are set accurately.6. Please check if the power is sufficient.
Company Profile


Q1: Are you factory ?
we have cooperted factory since 2011. We are located in Hefei ,China.
Q2: Do you have CE Certificated ?
Yes. CE approved.
Q3: What's lead time ?
Machines always be finished on 7 days.
Q4: Do you support OEM/ODM?
Yes, we can develop the styles base on customer’s requirement.
Q5: How to pay Express Charge if order samples ?
If send printer by DHL,FEDEX,TNT or UPS account,We have to calculate freight cost with EXPRESS Company first, before sent
machine,you could pay freight charge directly to our company account or Alibaba account.

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